This is a call to move now into my embrace and let yourself be comforted.

Love is not something you do. It is what you are.

This course was written to move the mind to appeal to the heart.

To truly see is to begin to see the formless.

Let your heart remember that you are holy and the world is sacred.

Your Personal Invitation from Mari

It has always struck me that the only way to say what this Course of Love is, is to say it with heart.  Please click here to read more.

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ACOL Quote-A-Day

What love is cannot be taught. It cannot be learned. But it can be recognized. If love cannot be taught but only recognized, how is this recognition made possible? Through love's effects. For cause and effect are one. Creation is love's effect, as are you. C:2.1,5

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“Jesus wants us to create a new world, and his channeled messages are attempts to influence society to change its course. A Course in Miracles has changed the course of how our culture is going. Now, I believe, it is the new identity that A Course of Love leads us to that will alter the destiny of humankind.” — Celia Hales, “Miracles Each Day” blog 1/18/17