New! Take Heart! Inspiration from A Course of Love 180 Card Set

Each of these 180 cards is carefully selected from A Course of Love to remind you that you are, in truth, an embodiment of love. They will remind you of your wholeheartedness. They will remind you of the wondrous realm of unity and relationship that is your true nature when fear is left behind.

These beautiful cards can be shared among a group, or slipped into a lunchbox or a note to a friend, or simply be a daily companion. In conjunction with reading ACOL, they can become reminders along the path to rediscovering your true Self.

A few years ago, three devoted readers of ACOL found themselves involved in relationship filled with chaos and confusion. Gradually, they joined together in sharing ACOL and making these quotation cards from ACOL’s brilliant messages. Through ACOL and their healing dialogue, they found clarity and peace in relationship, and they found each other.

With permission from Mari Perron, as well as ACOL’s publisher, they shared a downloadable version of their homemade cards on this website. There, readers could print and cut the sayings in order to make a set of their own. Soon, the publisher decided that there must be a better way. The results are this boxed set of attractive and durable cards.