Selected Chapters

We are pleased to offer a selection of chapters from A Course of Love:

Table of Contents
Foreword — The full story of how ACOL came to be

From Book One (The Course)
        Chapter 2: What Love Is
        Chapter 26: The Full Life
        Chapter 31: The Nature of the Mind

From Book Two (The Treatises)
From A Treatise on the Art of Thought
        Chapter 5: The Choice for Love
From A Treatise on the Nature of Unity and Its Recognition
       Chapter 8: The Belief: No Relationships Are Special
From A Treatise on the Personal Self
        Chapter 4: The Dismantling of Illusion
        Chapter 15: The New Beginning
From A Treatise on The New
        Treatise 4 – Chapter 7: An End to Learning

From Book Three (The Dialogues)
          Chapter 11: The Return to Unity and the End of Thought As You Know It
From The Forty Days and Forty Nights
            Day 8: Accept the Present
            Day 24: Potential