~https://acourseoflove.org/being_who_you_are/~~The Embrace #74: Being Who You Are~~Being Who You Are By Celia Hales

Excerpts from her new book

A Course of Love answers questions that earnest seekers still have despite careful study of A Course in Miracles. ACOL thus states that it is a “continuation” of the earlier work, though ACOL can be read independently. Most dedicated students of ACIM recognize that our egos have been weakened by our carrying out the dictates of what we have read. But with what do we replace the ego? There is a void, and this is a dangerous condition in which to live.

We intuitively know this, and so we keep seeking. “Is there no end to seeking?” we ask, somewhat plaintively. There is an end to seeking, and ACOL takes us to that end. As an aid to understanding this new end, Being Who You Are reflects upon ten themes from ACOL, drawing on the whole of it, and also comparing aspects of ACIM.

With weakened egos after studying ACIM, but with nothing to replace the ego, in the words of ACOL we have "rejected" ourselves. We think that to claim our rightful place of identity with the Christ within lacks humility. ACOL says that such an attitude is actually borne of fear: We are afraid we will not please God if we take on a more exalted notion of ourselves.

You prefer selflessness to self because this is your chosen way to abolish ego and to please God. C:P.20

But now we approach final learning, and we learn what “pleasing” God is all about—

We take a step away from the intellect, the pride of the ego, and approach final learning through the realm of the heart. This is why, to end confusion, we call this course A Course of Love. C:P.44 

There is a single significant difference between ACIM and ACOL. ACIM, through the Holy Spirit, brings comfort to the mind. ACOL brings comfort to a troubled heart. This comfort to the heart is by identification with the Christ within. It is not a comfort for pride but solace brought to us by Jesus himself. He embraces us with love.

The thesis of ACOL can perhaps be summed up in the following sequence of ideas: We abandon all attempts to glorify the separated self, the self who does not know God but thinks it is lost to Him because of our sin. When we wholeheartedly abandon any attempt to glorify this self, we are launched on the way to Christ-consciousness, a transformation that will let us know that our previous faults were mistakes only, not sins, and thus entirely correctable and forgivable. We merge ACIM and ACOL, in that we merge mind and heart, and we recognize that we are actually in union with God, never separated from Him. He lives through us.

Note these words from the conclusion of ACOL:

You will realize that you know what to do. . . . Expect heaven on earth, you were told. This is what it is. There will be no doubt, no indecision. Your path will be so clear to you it will be as if it is the only path in the world and you will wonder why you didn't see it all along. Expect this. And it will be. (E5-6)

May this pondering speak loudly and powerfully to your heart and mind "wholeheartedly." Let us claim the heritage that is ours, no longer fearful that we are acting out of ego. Jesus asks us to leave our fears behind and claim our power with new identity. Then the more widespread Awakening of our world surely will begin.

Three Excerpts from Chapter 1

Love: Asking God

We are always choosing between truth and illusion, and this is the same as choosing between love and fear. Love is always the way of truth. Fear is always the way of illusion. There are no other choices. Guidance that we receive in asking God invariably points to love.

We who have been caught in illusion do not comprehend, in the beginning, what is being asked of us. We are being asked to turn aside from illusion in all its guises. And with this choice to turn aside from illusion, we always know truth in the form of love. We cannot, on our own, turn from illusions. The all-encompassing Christ-Self, which embodies all of us, is the way that we now are encouraged to address. We are encouraged to listen to this inner Christ-Self, to follow the guidance that comes from within. This is the way that our God approaches us now, and He does approach us. We are not left bereft. We know when we are asking Him for guidance, just as we know when we are turning aside from it.

Happiness comes with the choice to follow guidance. In doing so, we are choosing truth in our daily lives. And we are choosing love.

Love Is Who We Are

We know from the title of this book that being who we are is very important in A Course of Love. And who we are is love. We sometimes see this love as simply our passion; that is not wrong, just incomplete. It is incomplete because passion without love--an egoic “love”—is prone to dramatic highs and lows. There is nothing peaceful about it. We have sometimes engaged in extreme forms of behavior due to our passion, and we have often been fear-prone when we have been doing so. Pure love is not drama; we make a mistake in believing that it is. We think that if we love in an all-embracing way, we will be embroiled in a drama that will take us outside of ourselves. And we think this is good.

Dramas are not good, though our egoic self enjoys them. When we love in a warmth that is not of this world, we love rightly. This smooth and easy journey of love, including sex, is where we are meant to go. It paves the way to a holy relationship with our partner. Replacing “special” relationships—egoic love—with holy relationships is where we are heading. This new way does not exclude passion. On the contrary, it makes passion come alive, but without the lows that drama gives. We remain in the highs.

Finally, Just Love

What a grand gesture it is to give up fear in favor of love! We cannot make this choice solely as an independent gesture. We need others in order to have someone on whom to shower our love. Yet we also know that in loving ourselves, always being accepting of ourselves, we are in a position to love others—probably, truly, for the first time. This is the promise held out to us as we live as one in this world and the next. We are diversified beings, but we share one Self, and this one Self is the Christ-Self. This truth endures well with us.

We are embedded in humankind, humankind who cries out for the love that has seemingly been denied. We ought to offer this love. We ought to live no other way.

Being Who You Are: Pondering A Course of Love is a contemplative consideration of ACOL, and is also designed to popularize ACOL to the general public interested in spirituality. Previously unpublished material, this book is 265 pages that elucidate ten themes. It is available exclusively on Amazon in both print ($8.95) and e-book formats ($5.99). Celia is the author of the well-received blog, “Miracles Each Day,” which has considered A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, as well as other channeled works, nearly daily for over 11 years. She also wrote A Course of Love: An Overview, a 48- page booklet published by Take Heart Publications ($3.95, both print and e-book).

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Behold my sister, brother.You and I,entwined beloveds dancingand in our wakespawning time and space,and all that isbeyond imagining.

And yet,in these dark confounding realms of time,that but seem to hold us here,what could we do, where can we gohow would we plead and to whom,to but gain a mere quantumof that orgasmic ecstasythat would be oursif we but recognized each other!

Please hold my hand would you,in these here confines dark,let's stay together, You and IOur time is almost near.

The night must endthe Son must rise,the time of old is passingand Now is almost Here.

Yes let's stay close dear brother, sister,as this celestial light emergesfrom within our joining, merging hearts.

For don't you and I know for surethat it's from the fusion of our heartsthat will dawn the certain splendorwhere supernovae will merely twinkle,

For You and I with utter claritywill have come to Know each otherand time with its blanket of illusionwill be done and gone at last.

Miguel Carvalho lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been trying to live the Course in Miracles since 1987 and now  A Course of Love for about six years. And grateful beyond words for ACOL. Miguel frequently posts his reflections and poems on Facebook, on the A Course of Love Companion Group and the Discovering A Course of Love group.




  ~******~^Being Who You Are: Pondering A Course of Love is a contemplative consideration of ACOL, and is also designed to popularize ACOL to the general public interested in spirituality. Previously unpublished material, this book is 265 pages that elucidate ten themes. It is available exclusively on Amazon in both print ($8.95) and e-book formats ($5.99). Celia is the author of the well-received blog, “Miracles Each Day,” which has considered A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, as well as other channeled works, nearly daily for over 11 years. She also wrote A Course of Love: An Overview^^^^~https://acourseoflove.org/why-crucifixion/~~The Embrace #73: Why crucifixion?~~ Why Crucifixion? By Jesus through MaryBeth Scalice I have had the feeling of being with Jess as he made the journey to the cross, as His Body was given up.  I have also had the feeling of what it was like to be in His mind, sharing His perception of the events that lead to resurrection.  This message came as I wept with sorrow and compassion and questioned the choice He made for crucifixion. Why? Jess : A Special Message for Easter, from Jesus   Would you have noticed my life had it only been miracles, the healing of others, the preaching toward unity, the lobby for love? My miracles would soon have faded from memory, like so many of your own God-given thoughts, those remarkable yet unremembered demonstrations of real love, lost in the perceptual haze of worldly mesmerization. In fact, many whom I touched, who felt the Breath of the heart, returned to the breath of man, the breath that labors through the nostrils, severed from the oxygen of Spirit, the breath that goes in and out without a true home. If not for crucifixion, the apostles would have returned to their lives trying to make bigger, better demonstrations of healing and holiness without recognizing the insignificance of the body, overlooking the Christ as eternally regenerative Life. Regenerative is not reparation of Life Force. God being perfect never needs repair. Regeneration is the effect of the end of a desire for separation. Death of body identity as experienced through forgiveness allows the eternally regenerative Consciousness of Christ and the resurrection of Mind/Son as God created. What you cannot comprehend is that I gave up my body, yes for you and for all humanity; not for the atoning of sin, but to bring attention to what is true, that guilt and assault cannot harm the Son of God, guilt and attack have no lawful power. They are unknown to Innocence. The investment in punishment for sin is literally an investment in nothing. Sin is impossible to correct through punishment because it is not real. It is not of God and therefore not of God’s Son. You are, as I am, God’s own sinless, innocent Self, but hypnotized by the belief in duality, in two powers, two Gods, two beings within you. Punishment can and does destroy your body, but cannot touch the One Power, the Almighty God, Who is not power as you wish it to be, but Love without opposition, without obstacle or enemy. This is Purity, and also What you are in truth. Your body has nothing to do with it, neither can it truly adorn Our holy nature, because it is given to change, to temporality never change because they are What God is without end. I gave up my body because the body is not what I Am, but an opportunity, a gift that could best be shared by giving it up. Its most profound capacity for extending Truth was to experience persecution of the Son of Love, and die a violent death, providing for my realization of eternal Life, that eternality could be seen and known. I ascended beyond the body’s limits to a forgiveness that was universal, truly forgiving for all the separated souls who thought attack upon love, was their best defense for survival; a society like your own that had so embedded fear of God into the very cells of the body, that only a profound and completely opposite teaching could make a lasting impression, turning mind back to the Consciousness of the Christ. Dear Lily , I did not wish any harm upon myself or my body. I did not neglect or deny my body.  But I realized only I was not the flesh. I made the flesh. You already know, as I have shared these memories in your own mind, my agony in the garden, my apprehension and hope for another cup, another way. I had to develop a depth of trust yet unknown by you and a Will of unwavering fortitude. I had to surrender every egotistical plea inside me to live on here in physical and sensual soma. I considered the temptation to stay longer, to be among my people as a man in the midst of family and friends. I suffered with thoughts of leaving those I loved, and with the thought of abandoning my disciples. I felt I could continue being helpful on earth, and yet, my heart, in quiet, heard the Call of Our Father to come Home, to complete my function on earth, dying to self, and dying for all selves that I saw as fragments dissociated from my own Being. I longed to join with them in the way I remembered our unity in Creation. Though many emissaries had come before, none had sufficiently developed the Communion of the Soul with the Creator’s Revelation of Sonship on earth. My Becoming depended on drawing all souls upward with me into the Consciousness of the Christ, Being One for all, as all for One lived and breathed through my Mind. Drawing souls upward did in turn extend a Ray of Light in which anyone could follow and in which there are the many graces of the Light of the World. My end of life experience was a purposeful and illustrious symbol of the pattern of life, the repetitive course of life for humanity then and now. Perhaps now you are coming to understand the symbolism; darkness, injustice, betrayal, false accusation, mockery of God, guilt, unrighteous authority, immoral certitude, mesmerized mobs, the cross carried, body broken, shamed, abandoned, on display; the murderous wishes of men as solution to the problem of God. This progression of ego projection still lives through wrongful identity on earth and continues to incite humanity to attack, to be fearful, and to punish as a means of safety and self-assurance. It is a belief in guilt. It is the belief that the innocence of the child of God needs defense. It is the lie that insists your Father rules through cruelty unto death. You and a few others are beginning to recognize you need not choose the walk of the cross, merely let my demonstration be sufficient to end all suffering and to reveal the uselessness of banal tactics. They do not work. Your cross will not end life, atone for sin, nor bring safety, peace or joy—which is what you want. It will make the opportunity of your Life on earth fraught with suffering. Suffering can be a path to Christ Consciousness, but it is neither quick, nor advised. Here is the unbelievable Belief.  We have used these words before. Hear Me now and give your whole heart to this Reality. I Live. I in the midst of You am Life, and the life of the Christ is Yours as well. What this means is that you died with me on Calvary. The self that seemed to have turned against the Father, died with me. There is only One separated Mind in a multiplicity of forms. There is only One Son. We share the wholeness as we shared the separation. But now I have come to you as you will to look beyond the belief in separation, beyond your crucifixion and Know Truth. I ask you to shut your eyes and See Me, hear Me and share Me. We have been journeying a long, long time. You have come closer and closer to the realization of the unbelievable Belief. I am Here. Here is Heaven. You are with Me as I Am with You. You are Real as I Am Real. Jesus, your Jesse, is raised. I did remember and identify with the Holy Spirit, Who led Me to perfect Oneness with Our Father. (At-One-ment.) I will never unremember but continue to seed the memory of those Who seek Truth. I have said a great many words here to help you understand my death as your death and my Life as your Life but your humanity, the self-ideational mind/body which views itself in time is your own personal teaching opportunity. Love this lesson by caring for mind/body as temples of the Self, neither idolizing, or ostracizing, making of it no Power, projecting upon it no guilt; but honor this as means of communication and realization of Christ.  Let your body glorify the Truth of the God-given Life, and live with the wisdom of your perfectly intact innocence. Live your Innocence. Yes, You Lily , have chosen an interesting, exciting return to Love, to Consciousness, framing for yourself a journey of wonder and woe, of prison and peace, of splendid and sordid feelings; a journey of frightening and favorite experiences, but never so exciting, enthralling, captivating as the experience of Oneness, once more. As we have said before, the Fisherman walks the beach, picks up the creature who jumps from the Sea, who wanted to be more than it could be, whose last gasp was a cry for God. With tender compassion for that prayer, He returns the fish to the Home from which It leapt. The fish dives deep awakened from the sleep of something more, of something better; swimming in gratitude, joined with Sea in fresh and blessed awareness. MaryBeth Scalice, M.A., Ed.D., views her life as a living-breathing poem of God. Many years ago, her heart opened, her listening deepened, the breath fell away, and divine union was realized. MaryBeth is a counselor, writer, and teacher trained in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her work integrates psychology with spirituality, offering transformational heart-centered therapies for health and self-realization. She created the Foundation of Open Hearts, and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write, from which this article is reprinted with permission. ~~Foundation of Open Hearts, and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write, ^~https://acourseoflove.org/fastest_way_to_love/~~The Embrace #72: The Fastest Way to Love~~The Fastest Way to Love A Conversation with Cole Kňazovický and Cindee Pascoe

CP: Cole, we’ve known each other for 25 years. I don’t think I know anyone who has been so dedicated to really understanding how transformation works. I can see and feel that something has really shifted for you. You’re saying it has to do with “resurrection of feeling.” What exactly is that?

CK: When we met, we were both immersed in A Course in Miracles. Those years were amazing, and ACIM gave us a great foundation. It helped us distinguish between our egoic thoughts and our real thoughts. However, my feelings were still creeping in so I began to look at another channelled work, The Right Use of Will. It blew my mind. Literally. The focus was mainly on feelings, or the “Will,” and on how the mind has been misused to denigrate or ignore feelings. It was like nothing else regarding feeling.

CP: Yes, I remember that I found it very confronting at first. It seemed so “non-spiritual” and unnecessarily cathartic. And then I tried the processes and saw—well, felt—what you were talking about. I’m still in awe at the power of that work.

CK: Just to inform those who may not be acquainted with RUOW. We have two parts. One is thought/electro, the other feeling/magnetic. In alignment they create an electro-magnetic field, which is experienced as love. If they are in opposition, they make a gap or split, and cut us off from experiencing. You’ve got to have your spirit ignited and your feelings ignited. This will ignite your heart, and begin to resurrect your body/form. That is the resurrection. If you are not pushing your feelings down, they begin to rise, to flower. Pushing feelings down brings suffering, and eventually sickness and death.

CP: I am so grateful for those times. We went a long way with that path. Then A Course of Love appeared, which filled it out even more by focusing on both mind and feelings, but also heart.

CK: I remember that Jesus said in ACIM (Ch. 9) he couldn’t offer us heart in those days; the time wasn’t ripe. “I cannot tell you what this will be like, for your hearts are not ready.” We needed the mind training first. I understand now that he is talking about the relationship between feeling and mind, what in ACOL Jesus calls “wholeheartedness.’

CP: And that is an experience.

CK: For sure. It’s always new, like the ACIM Manual for Teachers  says: “. . . in every way it is totally unlike all previous experiences. It calls to mind nothing that went before.” (M:20.2) Creation means creating anew, not making up stuff from the past. Feeling, when in the present, is that part of us that creates. If our feeling body is locked up in karma drama, we make stuff up based on the past. When mind is trained it welcomes all feelings, an embrace occurs; a birth of the new.

CP: I began to feel the stirrings of that with RUOW—movement and vibration of the body when I embraced my feelings; what I now also know as what Jesus refers to as the “elevated self of form”—the body, the cells, beginning to vibrate at the speed of light. So, love-creation, is very physical!

CK: Yes! Love means what I feel it is! L189: “I feel the love of God within me now,” I’m not thinking it. Right? I only know Love from my capacity to feel it. The more I am in love with my feelings and my feelings are in love with me, the more I experience complete union of the Self.

CP: The birth of Heart, or wholeheartedness.

CK: If I’m not feeling it, it’s just a mind-y idea, a concept. Love needs to be deeply felt. If you are stuck in training your mind forever, you won’t feel it.

CP: Wow. Jesus talks a lot about union, joining, and relationship in ACOL. I see that the relationship between our own mind and feelings is the first “relationship” we have to heal in order to experience newly.

CK: Yes—our personal relationship with our feelings is our primary relationship. When we are born there is no mind. Only the experience of unity. Mind came later. Now we live in mind, and feelings are an unknown labyrinth “down there,” mostly denied. This division was done by the ego. Feeling is. Like God is. Feelings are nameless and don’t talk. But they are always responding. They expand when shared.

CP: Which simply means feeling them! The energy of feeling changes the whole vibration of the being. And that’s any feeling—so-called “good” or “bad.” And that vibration affects everything around it.

CK: Ego divided the “Queendom of Feeling” or the Will of God into the mess most people fear as negative feelings. Yet when you forgive your most nightmarish feeling, it resurrects back into the love it always was.

CP: The biggest gift to me of RUOW was to discover that love is at the bottom of every “negative” feeling, too. I was always wary of going there—but when I had the courage to do it, it was always denied love! It seems to go against common sense, but my experience confirmed the truth of it.

CK: It’s the relationship of the mind toward feelings that needs close attention; how to be wholeheartedly present for feelings, because it’s only when the feelings are free to flow that heart is born. That is the birth of Christ in you. Without feeling, spirituality is just a mental idea—like, “heaven in my mind,” of “my brother and I are one”—yet as soon as a brother upsets us, we are two!

CP: Honesty is the key, though, isn’t it? You can’t just say, “I love my feelings,” if deep down you hate them.

CK: So true. First, I realized I did not love my feelings. I judged them mercilessly. I had lovelessness toward them, and also I did not love my lovelessness. It got all locked up in my head. No matter how much I told myself, “heaven is here and now,” or “it’s all love,” I was not feeling love. I was stuck in my mind.

CP: And ACOL clearly states that wholeheartedness is mind and feeling as One. Wholeheartedness encompasses all of you, not just the part of the self that thinks.

CK: Thinking is a result of denial of feeling. Think about that! Begin to feel more and your thoughts will slowly vanish—you’ll begin to have real Thoughts. Easier said than done, because the thinking addiction is a global pandemic and feelings are still a mystery.

CP: Feelings are still considered scary territory for most. If people realized that feelings—all feelings!—are the highway to heaven . . .

CK: Yes. It’s the fastest way to love.

CP: How would you distinguish feeling from emotion?

CK: When feelings are rejected, they are replaced with emotionality. Emotions are ego-constructed replacements for true feelings. Fear is not a feeling, but an avoidance of feeling. “I’m afraid of ____ because of how it will make me feel.” Fear warns you that if you go there, you’re going to have to feel something you don’t want to feel.

CP: And the funny this is, once you go there, you are going to feel better, you are going to discover love. It’s the unknown we’re afraid of. The denied feelings get uglier and uglier, scarier and scarier. But it’s just the fear compacting.

CK: You can ask God or the Holy Spirit for help, for courage. Ask: “What is the feeling?” Become receptive. Ask: “How does this make me feel?” First ego will rush in to distract you. Words will come and feelings don’t have words. Then you drop into the emotional body—tears, usually. That’s not it either. That’s emotionality. Just wait. You will drop below emotions and find yourself in the gigantic ocean of the feeling realm. The Will. The Great Mother of Everything. With that comes silence. Then, . . . “Ah.” The answers come because feelings make sense of everything. The “sense” of separation is not only a thought. It’s a sense. A feeling. Once truly connected to true feeling, the search for God is over.

CP: How about positive feelings? Do we shut those down, too?

CK: Yes. Unless you can sit in genuine joy for as long as you feel like it, you will very likely shut it off. If you habitually shut down your negative feelings, you will shut down the positive, too. Yet, creation is effortless and joy is the most natural thing. It’s inherent in you. But it’s not a “positive” feeling. It simply is. Like God is. Once you unite with everything that is triggered in you, you simply trigger Happy.

CP: Amen

CK: Amen

Cindee Pascoe is a former teacher, journalist, columnist, and workshop facilitator. Karči (Cole) Kňazovický is a classical guitar teacher, composer, and performer, a couples therapist, and a professional facilitator of men’s groups and mixed gender polarity work with a focus on masculinity. They live in Australia.

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 What is leftafter lies have been swept away,after the Gracious Self has pardonedeach movement of waterpassing o're the riverbed?What remains beyond the squabbles,the flaws, the dances of formsthat didn't know their sustenance,their root and seed was Light?What is left is emptiness of a bowl with nothing.Hush, there is a tone within the void.What's left is Love.



Where do I go when I am lost,when I am discontent?Where do I go to find tikkun?

Where does my heart find air to breathewhen she is lost and lonelyWhere can I find a pillow for my tears?

The lake, the lake shall heal me,for it is wet with mercy.The lake is where Kwan Yin does always hide.

Where do I go when I've betrayedthe lambs within my being?Where do I go when I am shamed and sad?

The lake shall be a lap for me,the lap of Mother Mary.Please Mary, may these tears becomethe juices of your love.Please hold me while I comfortthese sweet lambs.

Elliott Robertson is the author of Say Yes to Life and a Spiritual Growth Coach. He has served as a staff writer for Daily Word.



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Please Subscribe^Say Yes to Life^~https://acourseoflove.org/my_journey/~~The Embrace #71: My Journey with En kurs i kärlek~~My Journey with En kurs i kärlek By Lars Gimstedt

The only reason I purchased a copy of A Course in Miracles in 1986 was to prove my wife wrong. She was into it. But as a confirmed atheist, physicist, and development engineer, I knew it was hogwash. I tried my best—but never proved her wrong. Instead I was transformed. I even changed my career to that of spiritually-oriented psychosynthesis therapist.

ACIM has been, and still is, my professional foundation. Its thoughts and concepts have over time more and more formed how I experience the world, my fellow human beings, and my way of being, both privately and professionally.

When “by chance” I came across A Course of Love, I was skeptical. I have encountered much that was claimed to be of divine origin, but in my experience was affected in varying degrees by ego as the prime mover. Long ago I established a “rule” for myself to sort out such things: If this message in any way, openly or covertly, uses fear in order to exert influence, it’s not for me.

But my skepticism disappeared after reading just one chapter in ACOL, so strongly did I recognize what was to me the well-known voice of Jesus. I soon felt that ACOL was a necessary tool for the next step in my personal and spiritual growth. ACIM’s description of the ego and its machinations is exhaustive and utterly necessary. ACOL deepened that understanding for me and made it obvious how important ACIM is and will continue to be for me. But ACOL expanded on this foundation, and gave me answers to a number of questions I had been struggling with.

The primary issue I struggled with early in my ACIM studies is whether physical reality is illusory, because I felt that if I were to believe this, I really needn’t care about all the terrible things that happen—they weren’t “for real.” I felt an acute risk of ending up heartless, indifferent, or even worse, cynical. ACIM says it is our perception of physical reality that presents an illusory way of seeing, one which prevents us from seeing that heaven is where we are. But ACIM is not sufficiently clear on this issue, and has in my experience often been misunderstood.

ACOL finally answered to my satisfaction: We as God’s sons and daughters, together with God of Whom we are an inseparable part, created physical reality as an act of love, as a way of creating relationship, dialogue, creative tension, and an ongoing Creation, but still in Oneness. Thus physical reality is real, but is only one aspect, one expression of I Am, of our Oneness. “The little mistake” we made was that we forgot that we “played a game.” We forgot to laugh. ACOL tells us that when this memory returns, our physical body will become “elevated” and again be the tool for new creation and discovery that it was meant to be originally.

It could be said that the theological interpretation of ACIM with respect to physical reality as completely illusory led to a new kind of dualism, despite the fact that ACIM advocates non-dualism. In ACOL everything we experience—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—is One, a borderless and undivided reality.

Another issue became obvious to me in connection with my therapeutic work with emotions. ACIM is a mentally-oriented, comprehensive self-study course and has influenced the world more than we realize. Yet it does not particularly address an important aspect of our human experience: the emotional realm.

In my professional life I have met many people who though cognitive methods have become “experts on their childhoods,” but still feel as miserable as ever. I didn’t find useful answers in ACIM to how to help my clients with painful emotions or how to help them find their intuitive, “feminine” way of knowing.

I was relieved to find comprehensive and valuable answers to this matter in ACOL. It does not consider thoughts as “less valuable” than emotions, but instead offers methods for using both thoughts and emotions simultaneously. ACOL calls this “bridgebuilding” a way to “wholeheartedness,” an inner state where we connect brain and heart together, where we unite masculine and our feminine energies, a state where we not only travel “the way of Jesus,” the way of teaching and action, but also “the way of Mary,” the way of being, of relationship. Wholeheartedness is a state of wholeness and oneness. ACOL also distinguishes the emotions of the ego, such as bitterness, from the emotions of the heart, and the necessity of learning to differentiate them. ACOL even calls the heart’s emotions “our inner sense organs” in our journey through life, where all emotions represent important messages, regardless of whether they feel positive or negative, for there are no “bad” emotions. This part of ACOL has been very helpful for me professionally as well as personally, where I have stopped judging myself for “bad” or “forbidden” feelings.

For more than five years now I have been “translator’s assistant” (sounding board, editor, administrator and computer expert) to Paulina Fredrikson in the translation work of ACOL into the Swedish edition, En kurs i kärlek. We have spent numerous hours discussing various key concepts that needed to be translated in a coherent way throughout the book. Many of these key concepts already exist in ACIM.

Paulina and I have very different personality types. I might be regarded as a bit square and orderly, while Paulina has the soul of a true artist. Our differences might very well have been the cause of considerable friction. Yet our mutual work can be characterized as based on peace, dialogue, humor, and mutual exploration. Over these past five years we have met more than 500 times. Each meeting started with an hour of personal sharing which very often led to insights about the theme in ACOL that we were working on at the time.

Even though I have worked with the text together with Paulina for many hours, now and then I still am awestruck by the deep wisdom and also the everyday practical intelligence that it demonstrates. My spiritual foundation now is supported by even more plentiful aspects of the Voice of God—voices not limited to ACIM and ACOL, but that for me are also represented by others such as Eckart Tolle, Krishnamurti, Hoʻoponopono, the Dalai Lama, and even voices from unexpected sources like a newspaper article, a conversation, or a song lyric.

With En kurs i kärlek now published, an important period of my life has come to an end. I look forward with curiosity and expectation to the tasks now to be laid before me by The Boss. As Jesus asks at the end of the book:

When you turn the last page, will you cry tears of sadness that our dialogue is complete, that you will hear my voice no more? Or will you brave your own relationship with me? Will you turn to your brother and hear my voice in him? Will you be my voice as you turn to your sister? Will you carry the fullness of our relationship within you? Will you be one with me, and in being one with me never feel alone again? Will you let the emptiness of separation leave you once and for all?

Lars lives with his family in Linköping, Sweden, where he also works as a Psychosynthesis therapist. He has written a number of ACIM- and ACOL-inspired books, including I, Yeshua: Awakener available from Amazon or Sweden. En kurs i kärlek was published Nov. 4, 2020, and is available at https://karlekens-vag.se/webshop/ (Sweden) or on Amazon.


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What is your Identity if you are not your name?Now, gone is the familiar and nothing looks the sameYour identity is formed before your first birthdayCreated by all the names for things, that you learn to sayBut you are not your mind - the beliefs or thoughts,Labels, descriptions - all the things you’ve been taughtAll the conditioning that made you believeA separate individual has been conceivedYet the word ‘in-dividual’Means ‘un-divided’And connected to the Source where all is providedBut this great Truth gets overriddenThe conditioned mind keeps the ‘gold’ well hiddenAnd your personalityIs a non-realityTo which you’ve been subscribingBy your constant describingOf everything you see and hear Creating feelings of mortal fearBecause the mind is restless and never stillAnd this addiction to thinking is what makes you illIgnoring totally what’s in-betweenThis present moment—which is never seenWhen you’re so very interested in all the thinkingWhich just creates more thoughts and sentence-linkingBut with whom are you having this conversation?There’s only you there, on investigation!For you are NOT YOUR MINDThis Truth is so easy to findSimply cease for a moment—whatever you’re doingAnd instantly—you stop accruingMore thoughts joining up like paper-chainsJust less than a second you can rest free of painsFrom this continuous narrationOf your fertile imaginationRelentlessly turning like a hamster on a wheelBut just pause for a moment—rest—and heal

And so now for a little exercise

Just stop and try this on for size:Imagine you have no memory at allYour name—your life—you cannot recallThe roles you play like daughter or sonAnd all the jobs you’ve ever doneYour age, your shape, your nationalityAll you’ve believed as your realityWhere you live or who you knowEverything—just let it go

So now what’s left, without the mental narration?Aaaah, At last! We find Silence—our true foundationThis is the kingdom of God—our homeThe I AM - your pure Being—is the only One on the throneKeep quiet—no matter what the worries or fearSilence underlies all the images that appearBeyond the mind is an infinite spaceDiscovered in the silence of this present-moment placeKeep quiet insideRest and abideKeep quiet, be stillLet the silence completely fill....

So what is your Identity if you are not your name?Gone is the familiar and nothing looks the sameKeep quiet—no matter what the worries or fearSilence underlies all the images that appearBeyond the mind is an infinite spaceDiscovered in the silence of this present-moment placeKeep quiet insideRest and abideKeep quiet, be stillLet the silence completely fill . . .


Mandi Solk of the UK, author of The Joy of No Self, has two interviews on Buddha At the Gas Pump.  She is the narrator of the audiobooks of Choose Only Love received by Sebastián Blaksley and is international coordinator for Sebastián. Her website is www.healingbyrevealingsoul.com




or Sweden. En kurs i kärlek was published Nov. 4, 2020, and is available at https://karlekens-vag.se/webshop/ (Sweden) or on Amazon^Click to purchase^here^Stimulating, challenging,
comforting --

The "new" Miracles Magazine
Subscribe today^The Joy of No Self, has two interviews on Buddha At the Gas Pump.  She is the narrator of the audiobooks of Choose Only Love received by Sebastián Blaksley and is international coordinator for Sebastián. Her website is 
www.healingbyrevealingsoul.com^~https://acourseoflove.org/introducing_mirari/~~The Embrace #70: Introducing Mirari~~Mirari: The Way of the Marys A letter from Mari Perron, First Receiver

Dear Readers of A Course of Love,

More than likely, many of you may have heard the 2020 decade spoken of as the decade of the feminine. I have felt this to tremendous effect. Here, at the end of the first year of this promising period, I am releasing Book 1 of a trilogy that expands on A Course of Love’s way of Mary. Jesus gave us a preview of Mary’s way almost twenty years ago (I completed The Dialogues in October 2001.) In it, he said we were preparing for the way of Mary. The time has now arrived.

Mirari: The Way of the Marys

I do not recall having knowledge of this feminine decade, myself, when I began this dialogue with Mary of Nazareth. Our initial encounter came in 2013 but I did not embrace this new work fully until we began again in 2018.

At the beginning of this year, I took a sabbatical to begin to put together what had been written . . . and never emerged. I thought many times that I “ought to” be reaching out during this isolating and frightening time in the world, but my year became a year not only of deep immersion with Holy Mary, but of leaving “ought to” thoughts and actions behind. It took a while to free myself of guilt and shoulds. The highly scheduled life I had been living contained a lot of those. As I let it all go, I slowly became confident that my time was being spent in the most essential way it could be—doing what is mine to do.

You too, can call on Mary to be with you. You too, can allow yourself to be transformed. What I felt emerging in myself, (slowly . . . as you will see as you read Mirari), is confidence in my gift and the power that sharing these words, spoken so intimately between Mary and I, will have. They light the way for our movement out of “the old,” the very movement that Jesus called us to in A Course of Love.

I would like to welcome you to this movement. It will carry to you, a sense of belonging in the life and the time in which you are living, and reveal your destiny as a creator of The New. From my earliest contact with Holy Mary, she sought to transform my “resistance” to carrying on in an old way, into a passion to create in a new way. Reclaiming the creative feminine energy that has been lost, we emerge for the birth of new life. We can each live in a new way.

A key reference for the initial awkwardness of this time arrived in The Dialogues with the realization that acceptance includes accepting that we have dislikes. This liberating idea can mean that we allow ourselves to choose not to participate in some things. With that freedom, a sense of devotion to what is ours to do can at last arise. We commit ourselves to where our energy is most drawn to be. There, we are at our most expansive. You and I have no need to avail ourselves of anything that is “more of the same” as we begin to realize our worth. As you and I are empowered with free will, The New arises in us and we feel how much we belong in the new time that is birthing.

This is especially true for women and men in whom the feminine is arising.  Through the alure of The New, along with the sympathetic understanding that Mary offers, you and I begin to heal and to feel free of the old. We begin to accept all, rather than some of our feelings, and to sense the power of creation that rests within them.

This happened slowly in me, and so this personal account will not arise as pressure to quickly achieve a new state. There is no value to “achieve.” Mary’s way, and our feminine way, is just the opposite. It lets us slow down and realize the wonder of Mirari (“Mirari” is Holy Mary’s way of expressing wonder). Wonder captivates us. As its beauty is found, both within and without, we are readied to embrace the grief we carry from the time of learning. Through our grief we are lifted to a new beginning. We can’t turn back. The new age is here and is extending as we open space for it to arrive.

As distracting thoughts and activities fall away, spaciousness opens us to The New. We are “literally” birthing The New and our undivided attention is required. In this devoted responsiveness we find unity. We begin the sometimes-slow movement to no longer being split by conflicting aims. Our potential is untapped. As I heard on Day 24 of The Dialogues: We are “the virgin, the pregnant, the birth, and the new life.” And this “is the way of the world as well as the way of creation.”

I invite and encourage you to receive Mirari in sacred solitude. Let it wash over you. There is nothing here to learn. Nothing needs to be discussed. Here, you are to become reacquainted with intimacy. Here, you are soothed into acceptance of who “you” are. Being who you are is your liberation from all you have been taught you are, and from your need to seek instruction in how to better yourself. Here, you begin to see yourself as you were created and desire to be.

You will know when to share.

When you do, call on Mary’s assurance that sharing deeply will draw forth the knowing and being known that is our deepest and most hidden desire. Knowing and being know is our very entrance into the way of the Marys and the way of The New. It is the felt-knowing that is our birthright, and the sense by which we will navigate this fluid wave of our quickening, our movement to The New.

In the wonder of new life,

Mari Perron

Mirari: The Way of the Marys is available now.



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What Could Never Not Be By Miguel Carvalho

There is a Flame, the Heart,that within our hearts is laid.Around the flameunseen by eyes that see,a gathering.

From far off in the universewe come,as long ago agreed,to end what was begun,an experiment.

Now look! The flame is now a fire,the fire a storm,all the old devouring.

And the eternal spark withinis now a beam of light,expanding. And in the light,a world,clean and bright and New,emerging.

Still within,but before long,to explode without,enfolding,embracing all.Heaven on Earth,God's Kingdom come,what could never not befor all the world at last to see.

Miguel Carvalho lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been trying to live the Course in Miracles since 1987 and now  A Course of Love for about five years. And grateful beyond words for ACOL. Miguel frequently posts his reflections and poems on  Facebook,  on the A Course of Love Companion Group and the Discovering A Course of Love group.



  ~****~available^Click to purchase^https://www.amazon.com/Choose-Only-Love-Yourself-Loved/dp/1584696818/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1XFRUW840K6PS&dchild=1&keywords=choose+only+love&qid=1609730019&sprefix=choose+only+love%2Caps%2C241&sr=8-3^www.miraclesmagazine.org^A Course of Love Companion Group and the Discovering A Course of Love group^~https://acourseoflove.org/christ_is_born/~~The Embrace #69: Christ is Born~~ Christ is Born  Received from Mother Mary The following message was received on December 14, 2020, by Marietta Beregi of Budapest, Hungary, who has been receiving numerous messages from Mother Mary since late August. Most are on the subject of motherhood. None are yet published. This message, especially the audio recording, may serve as a guided meditation.   Mother Mary asked Marietta to narrate and share this message.Click here to listen.  We set out together on a holy path in the silence of the miracle. The merry songs of angels echo in every corner of our souls. Our hearts tremble, our tears gather. Christ is born in a sublime moment, an incomprehensible miracle. We tread this path in union. You look at me as you never have before. My heart, my body, reveals a secret. A smile lights across your face as your gaze rests on the precious fruit of my heart. I carry Christ in me. You kneel and hug the precious treasure you are given from God. Angels surround us, consecrate us with their silent prayers. These are the first moments of true joy. “Come!” —I say softly, and holding hands we continue on our sublime path. “How can all this come about?” —you wonder, with a smile. Your unspoken question comes clearly to my heart. Pictures, sounds, colors appear in front of you—flashes of memories. Every step emerges from a vast silence. Your soul overflows with gratitude. You know—you feel—that every single step was necessary to stand with me here and now. Every smile, every tear, served your sacred way. Knowledge transmutes into a soft understanding within; your heart’s gratitude ascends to God, carried with an exquisite aroma. You kiss every smile and every tear and let them fall softly back into the silence from which they emerged.   Yes, dear child, every experience, every blessed person has helped you. How could God give anything but love? An understanding light begins to overwhelm your memories. A halo of angels will appear above each person in your life. Some you perceived as hard rocks that stopped you with pain. Some you perceived as lovely, sweet fruits who also stopped you with happiness. Now you see the haloes over their heads and notice, gratefully, how they each unconsciously built your stairway to Heaven. How majestic is God! What miracles He makes for you! Your heartfelt gratitude carries you on the wings of angels. You embrace me now. We touch. I put your hand on the miracle resting within me. Feel how Christ rejoices in me! Your legs weaken from great happiness but we keep going, hand in hand. “Who am I?” —you think to yourself. “How can I be so honored? Me, a little one, how could I be here with you?” —you wonder, with teary eyes. You feel like a speck of dust near the miracle. Silence softly embraces you as the thoughts and feelings of your humanity fall away. No longer haunted by the past, no longer calling for the future, you are here—now. This brilliant moment shines light into every hidden corner of your heart and mind. I still hold your hand as you now observe everything around you changing. You hear the wings of angels, the soft footsteps of shepherds echoing into the silence, and the humble dignity of kings appears gently before you. Silence dresses up for celebration. For a fleeting moment we fly together on angels’ wings and see every moment of the miracle to come. Adorned with snow white, all creatures in Heaven and Earth prepare for the celebration with joyful, touched hearts. Few words are spoken of all the beauty and goodness we have together seen. Not a single soul, not a tiny blade of grass would fail to tremble with joy at this incomprehensible miracle. All creation is brought into light. All hurry to the heavenly cave to see and receive. No creature is left out of this feverish and moving preparation. As we get closer and closer, can your legs carry you any more? Or have you wings already that fly softly, majestically, silently? Silence has become music within. A familiar melody sprinkles your soul with ineffable joy. “How do I know this music?” you wonder. “Surely I have heard it before, but when? Where?” But your thoughts fly ahead as you see the heavenly cave afar off and the bright star of Bethlehem resting in an endless sky. Your feet now have new strength for you to see Him as soon as possible, the blessed child, the incomprehensible miracle, the unspeakable gift of God. Every step of your life has served its purpose for you now. Past and future merge in the silence of now. All in you that is human has become purified, emptied, ready to receive the miracle. I disappear from your sight in a single invisible moment so you can happily see me again in the heavenly cave. Angels embrace you and gently lead you to the entrance. You see yourself in them for a moment. You want to enter the sanctuary of the miracle beautifully, in snow white, with an angelic soul. The serene silence of shepherds and kings sways in a gentle breeze; the soft aroma of nature touches your soul. That music, so familiar, is playing again. Softly and powerfully at the same time. Silence and music, light and sound flood your entire being. “Is it outside? Or inside? When did I first hear it?” —you ponder again, as the happiness of angels pervades your soul. You cannot enter the sanctuary of miracles on your own. The gentle wings of angels fly you into the middle of the heavenly cave. “I am here. Come!” —I say to you again. Now you see me, right in front of you. Joy ripples through your soul. “How brilliantly beautiful you are!” —you say again, but now, seeing my glowing face, you dare not touch me. You gaze at my face, enraptured, for a timeless moment. “Look!” —I say softly. “Christ is born.” Now, only now, in this sacred moment, can you see Christ in my arms. The soft light of understanding sways in your heart. Only now can you see that Mother and Son are one heart. Mary and Jesus are one heart. This one heart calls you now: the one heart, the Heart of God. “Christ is born!” —you worship as you rest your gaze on Jesus. He is sweet, charming, his light caressing as gently as the soft breeze of spring. Majestic peace flows from his being and embraces the entire universe. “Christ is born!” —echoes in every heartbeat, in every breath of light. “Christ is born!” —joyfully echo the trees, the flowers, all creation. “Christ is born!” —roars the waterfall from an erupting spring. “Christ is born!” —whisper the colors of the rainbow. “Christ is born!” —sprinkles the sunlight, blessing every created being. You are in the midst of a miracle. You can barely see the happy mother and baby through your tears. There is strength in softness. My words resound within you. Tender love created you and the whole beautiful world. Tender love keeps everything alive. “Come!” —I whisper, softly, invitingly. As you sit beside me in the heart of the miracle, I place Christ in your arms. Christ, whom I give to the world. Christ, whose miracle is to be revealed in your heart.  “Christ is born!” —I sing to you softly, filling your soul with such force that your eyes open and your heart happily accepts the miracle. “Christ is born!” —you repeat like a prayer, immersed in the silence of miracle. Life stops for a single, fleeting, sacred moment. And you feel the brilliant silence between two heartbeats. In one small moment, knowledge becomes understanding. And at last you recognize that sweet music. Time trembles to pass this consecrated moment into the timeless, as the fragrance of a miracle swings in your heart. A fleeting moment has become infinite, a blissful miracle in your heart. “Christ is born!” —you say with a smile on your face and a peaceful heart resting in the one heart. “Christ is born!” —you whisper softly and embrace the treasure in your heart. No one can ever remove this miracle from you. Christ has been born in your soul.   Marietta Beregi began to feel Mother Mary's tender presence this summer, while translating Choose Only Love into Hungarian. She was given messages from both Jesus and Mother Mary in July and August. They are as yet unpublished. Recently Mother Mary told Marietta, "I have a wholehearted request for you. Would you be my voice? I want to be closer to my dear children. Would you be the Voice of Mother Mary?" Accordingly Marietta narrated the "Christ is Born" message. ~*~Click here to listen.^~https://acourseoflove.org/how_to_rewrite_the_book_of_your_life/~~The Embrace #68: How to Rewrite the Book of Your Life~~How to Rewrite the Book of Your Life By MaryBeth Scalice

Dear Hearts, Here is a story.

It’s called Car Trouble.  Several days of trying to start the engine brought whrrrr, whrrrr, whrrrr, until reluctantly she turned over and shuddering, cut a path in four-wheel drive through the unseasonable snow.  I knew something was wrong, refrained from using the heater and the lights, but once home, I let it go. I shoveled my way into the house, forgetting the ride I would need the next day, the day my Mitusbishi died. This is a story of failure to take responsibility in a timely manner. It is a tale of winter's harshness, an old car in need of repair and letting things slide.

One of the best things about storytelling is that you can tell it differently, emphasizing certain persons or circumstances, adding or subtracting events, coloring it with adjectives that set a new tone. These are ways of changing the heart-felt expression, ways of changing your mind, exercising your freedom to choose your experience. Creative power lies in choosing with God.

Here is the rewrite of my story.

This week I needed a new starter for my car. Trying to start the engine brought whrrrr, whrrrr, whrrrr, until finally she turned over, cutting a path in four-wheel drive through the unseasonable snow. How grateful I was for the paws of four-wheel traction. Back home that evening, I mused at the cold night and talked with God of the should do's of my situation. The next day, to my delight, the MitsuBishi started. I drove to a friend's house, shut her down, and there she slept, unwilling to be roused.  Now, it just happens that my friend owns an auto repair shop! It just happens that my children's father had gifted me with a AAA card.  How amazing that I was given another car to borrow then and there! How interesting that Bitshi stopped running right at the door where I could wait in warmth and comfort. She was towed and is now glowing with a new part that is the jewel of hard starters. This is what happens when I share my thoughts with God. This is a story of Bitshi, God's perfect timing and omnipresent love.

Self joined in relationship with God, Which is and gives everything, creates an experience of Love manifest. Love is eternal creation, creating and recreating and creating space for everything created. This is another way of saying love makes all things new. (Choose Only Love, BookII:2.IV)

Perhaps you have been telling a tired old story of an uncreative, unloved experience, emphasizing the angle of the victim, portraying a picture of yourself where God is absent.  We have all done that.  We name it "life" or "the way it is."  Perhaps you tell only half the story, wanting to hold on a little longer to the attention a hardship invites.

Might you consider changing your story, looking for the good, looking again at the environment and timing, looking with a willingness to find grace and a reason for gratitude? Might you consider your power to create?

If . . . heaven is truly a decision I make . . . a choice (A Course in Miracles L138) and a story the child of God is free to create, what story would you tell? What experience would you write if your life is Heaven? What does Christ have to say?

There are truly only two stories told again and again: love or fear.  When we tell stories with God, then love, peace, miracles, and harmony appears. God is not absent in our world, only in the way we remember and use our senses. God is Beneficent Intelligence behind all we make of life. Her Being, a silent embrace, holds every experience, every thought, all that is! Calling upon Her helps us see and reframe, giving us an opportunity to create anew, rewriting our unhappy stories.

What story are you telling? Love tells the truth. Love always communicates Truth. Illusions make us weary.  Perhaps we have come to the part in our story where we give responsibility for the Plan of good to God, unified in a relationship of creation with all that is God, with everything. Can you imagine that story? Can you imagine your…

Love is the essenceof genius expressionbehind every nicheand manifestationand every time maximal       

(Jesus in The Love of Your Life, Scalice, unpublished)

You have always been creating because you have always been one in being with God who is endlessly creating. But you are only now a creator in union and relationship. The difference here is all the difference in the world. (A Course of Love D:Day.36.10) . . . the difference between the day my Mitsubishi died, and a life of Omnipresent Love.

Creating is your joy, rewriting the book of your life with God is your true purpose on earth.

…your heart’s vocation,to feelto accept,to enjoy,to create.That is,to be the Truthof your Self.God gave youOne IdentityOmnipotent creativityas part of Her very own Heart.I share it with you freelyin constant communication...

(Jesus in The Love of Your Life, Scalice, unpublished)


MaryBeth Scalice, M.A., Ed.D., views her life as a living-breathing poem of God. Many years ago, her heart opened, her listening deepened, the breath fell away, and divine union was realized. MaryBeth is a counselor, writer, and teacher trained in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her work integrates psychology with spirituality, offering transformational heart-centered therapies for health and self-realization. She created the Foundation of Open Hearts, https://www.foundationofopenhearts.org and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write.


Your donations to Take Heart Publications are greatly appreciated and help promote these books worldwide. Just published!Choose Only Love: Wisdom (Book IV) Read a selection from the book, "The Canticle of Archangel Raphael,"belowClick to purchase         Oh daughter or son of light, blessed soul of our Creator! Just as you have opened your heart, stripped naked and unadorned in its beauty, bared in direct relationship with God, in the same way I share with you the beating of my Archangelic heart, a heart created by the Father of Beauty and Holiness just like yours. My heart is one with you and with everyone, for we are one heart. We are united.

I assure all of you who receive these words of the uniqueness of this manifestation. Never before has there been someone who can write of the eternal love that the heart of the Angels feels for Christ and also for children, the saint beings who with so much love have redeemed and resurrected.

You are the delight of my heart. You are the joy of the angels and the joy of Christ who constitutes the essence of our Archangelic love and all love.

Know that all creation blesses you. You are pure. You are innocent. You are beautiful. You are mystery. You are divine love.

My son, daughter, we cannot separate the beauty of God from yours, nor from ours, nor can we separate it from divine grace. You yourself are the personification of the grace of love; thus you are graceful, beautiful, holy.

Beloved soul of mine, feel the sweetness of my love. Rest your head on my chest. Rest in the peace of my being. I am your beloved Archangel Raphael. I am a light that illuminates. I am love. I am peace. I am healing.

Stars twinkling in the skies of the night, laughing waters dancing to the beat of joy, wet earth nourishing the children of creation. Perfection of forms and sounds, symphony of creative love! Delirium of a God of pure love.

To look at you leads my angelic soul and all souls to the contemplation of the mystery of love. To love yourself is to love God Herself because you are God in Her, Creator-created, inseparable union, undivided reality.

Oh, my beloved Christ! Creation belongs to you by divine right. You are the essence of filiation. You are the foundation of everything created. Without you, nothing would exist because everything was done in you and for you.

How much beauty there is in your face! How much holiness in your eyes, how much joy in your perfect heart, how much purity, how much love!

Source of my being and of all being, longing of my heart and fullness of souls, to know you, to contemplate you is paradise, is Heaven. The angels adore you. The Archangels loudly proclaim the greatness of your name. The cherubs with their trumpets intone a hymn of praise and gratitude heard in all corners of the universe. God Herself is ecstatic before your presence.

You are the mystery of the word through whom everything has been given life. You dwell in the Mother for all eternity. Before anything existed you were united in love with the Creator. Within the eternal solitude of the most Holy Trinity you existed, together with the Mother and your Spirit of love, living together, rejoicing in the infinite extension of love.

You are the holy abode of wisdom from which all life flows. You are the creative and re-creative eternity. You are the belly of life.

Blessed soul of the Mother, extension of the living Christ. Know that all creation meets in you. You were created by holiness itself as its extension.

Can you, soul created by God, realize how sublime you are? So much so that even Christ created in you his holy dwelling? You are that which neither eye saw, nor ear heard. You are the ineffable reality of God made humanity.

Remember, beloveds of God, you who receive and share these words, that the reality of what you are resides in union with all that is true. There is no such thing as parts of creation. All is an undivided unity, without leaving the self and you. God Herself has created the identity of each being with the holy purpose of creating in relationship.

In the relationship that exists between Christ, your Soul, my being and all being, is the truth about God, you, and me.

I stand before you as Archangel Raphael since in this identity you can recognize me and relate to me through your self. However, that does not imply that we are separate beings. Everything that is truly part of my Archangelic being is also part of your spirit. We all share everything that God has given us.

Just as a child has everything of the father and the mother, and yet is not deprived of the freedom to make his or her own choices and thereby create a way of life, in the same way it happens with the children of the Highest One. We are all the firstborn children of the Mother. We are the heirs of the kingdom. In our spirits all divine realities are combined because God is the Father and Mother of all creation.

I bless you, praise and thank you for your existence. So does all creation. This praise is not directed to an ego, nor does it denote superiority, but the movement of a loving heart that lives in God. It is an expression of pure love. It is the simple recognition of Grace that your existence means.


Condensed from Choose Only Love: Wisdom (Book IV) received by Sebastián Blaksley. Choose Only Love is a compilation of messages from realms of angels, in an extraordinary series of 144 visitations overseen by Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, including messages from Jesus and Mother Mary.



****~https://www.foundationofopenhearts.org and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write^^Choose Only Love: Wisdom (Book IV)^^Click to purchase^~https://acourseoflove.org/facing_the_fear_of_forbidden_feelings/~~The Embrace #67: Facing the Fear of Forbidden Feelings~~Facing the Fear of Forbidden Feelings By Cindee Pascoe

The crippling awe of deep grief, the cleansing power of righteous anger, the burst of joyful exhilaration at a physical feat or difficult goal accomplished—these are movements of energies in the body, the fuel that ignites the heart. Our heart beats wildly, slows achingly, or feels pierced. Feelings are what make us truly human.

What we sometimes forget is that feelings also are what make us truly divine.

Because we are familiar with words that describe feelings, we can tend to believe that we need not surrender to the actual feeling, that our understanding of “sadness,” for example, is sufficient. Why subject ourselves to feelings again and again?

We see starving infants or struggling refugees on the nightly news; but to truly feel the horror each evening would render us broken and unable to finish preparing dinner for the family, or pay the monthly bills. How could we afford to feel so much? So we send off a donation to Save the Children and, conscience clearer, go about our business.

Willingly we blind ourselves to the pain of the world. What value can there be in torturing ourselves about things we can’t affect or control? We vote, pay taxes, and do our small part. We need to be realistic! We need to keep our “heads” about us. To crumble under the suffering of the world does no one any good. We retreat to the pragmatic equation: If I do good, I don’t need to feel bad.

But by sidestepping feelings, we miss the most valuable and precious means available for our transformation into Christ consciousness. Jesus felt feelings in his human body. He felt deeply and totally. He showed how surrender to human feelings ignites the heart.

Through complete immersion in the human experience, divine love is born. Jesus incarnated in order to feel—in order to open the human heart—which had been closed by fear and the belief in separation. He showed us that, through attention to feeling—through a relationship with feeling—wisdom comes, and love becomes the new and natural state of being.

When not denied, feelings cause movement of energy in the body. They respond to our mind’s decisions, unleashing a flow of hormones and subtle channels of non-thought intelligence. With their participation, we become whole. We have done with feelings what we have done with all things in our dualistic world—judged them as “good” or “bad.” Yet neither the body, nor thoughts, nor feelings are good or bad. In themselves they are neutral, as students of A Course in Miracles know well, but we give them all the meaning they have for us.

Feelings, when allowed to participate in our life, open the heart, bringing understanding and the experience of wholeheartedness. When a feeling has been truly felt, something new is born. Something is that wasn’t before. Feeling feelings is a divine act, an act of creation.

There’s a profound misunderstanding at work here.

You do not yet believe nor understand that the urges that you feel are real, and neither good nor bad. Your feelings in truth come from love, your response to them is what is guided by fear. Even feelings of destruction and violence come from love. You are not bad and you have no feelings that can be labeled so. Yet you are misguided concerning what your feelings mean and how they would bring love to you and you to love. A Course of Love, C:5.11

We know that feelings cause movement in the body. This is largely why we hesitate to let them have their way with us. We are afraid that if we don’t control them, rein them in, we will turn maudlin or hysterical, or worse, frighteningly furious. Or we might be deemed narcissistic or self-absorbed. So we tamp feelings down. We are “reasonable.”

For a small child, feelings are fresh and very near the surface. If allowed to express, children will move quickly and completely from joy to rage to disappointment. These energies move through their bodies and they remain in a natural state of love.

But as they grow, few children continue to experience this luxury. Well-meaning parents exert their influence and judgments: “That’s nothing to cry about!” “Don’t use that angry voice with me!” “Stop whining—it’s just a little scratch!” We are taught early to shut feelings down. It’s what being a good boy or a good girl is.

By adulthood these patterns are so ingrained that we are oblivious to their damage. We age; we have illnesses; we feel mysteriously dull or depressed much of the time. Never do we suspect that we are doing this to ourselves by depriving ourselves of our most constant and available natural resource—our very own feelings. Like our Earth’s misused resources, they have become dark and stagnant.

Feelings have become the new buzzword for some time now, from meditations designed to bring us to heightened states, to studies of the elasticity of the brain and how to reconfigure neural pathways. Feelings are once again valued for “what they can do” to improve life, to allow a more positive experience. They are something we “must consider” if we want to heal. We might do cathartic workshops to “purge” them, to “transform” them, to “clean up the swamp” of our sick psyches. Or we might learn to leash them, to manipulate ourselves to manufacture the right feelings to invite abundance and wellbeing, and train ourselves to “ignore” the ones that are downers.

All feelings are eager to be seen, to be participants in our lives. As the love they are, feelings are patient. They have been patient for 2000 years. Like a starving child, ignored and forgotten in a dark cellar, or a beautiful maiden, languishing and yearning under lock and key in a sultan’s harem, denied feelings will hang onto life as long as they can. They remain forever hopeful of your remembrance.

Denied feelings are magnets that draw to you experiences to get your attention. That emaciated infant on the news, that story about child trafficking, those horrific statistics of domestic violence, or the egregious imbalances in the world—man and woman, rich and poor, black and white—will inevitably come to your awareness. If you are lucky you will “break” and allow the dam of feelings to spill—sometimes, unfortunately, only when conditions become very personal, like a life-threatening car accident, a doctor’s diagnosis.

Even then, many of us are so staunchly conditioned toward denial that we still do not budge, ignorantly or stubbornly choosing death itself rather than release of feelings.

This need not be. Back up! Instead of “trying” to love others, truly love yourself. But not with only half of ourselves. Our spirit—our head, our mind, our intellect—is well-developed. Our feeling body, in comparison, is wounded, deformed, neglected. Feed the starving infant! Let the beautiful maiden dance for you! Invite them into your heart and into your life. Allow them to enrich you with joy and compassion.

You may need a desert moment, a closet moment. You may need to allow yourself the privacy and freedom to feel. Feeling, itself, is not difficult to access. It is “dying” to be received by you, to be welcomed into your life. The difficulty comes with your pre-judgment of what might happen if feeling is allowed. Will it be messy? Will it be loud? Will it be uncomfortable? This is not feeling but fear of feeling. You fear something because you anticipate you will not feel good if you experience it.

Once you begin consciously to explore this, you may be very surprised to find it not to be the case, and that all feelings dissolve into love.

It is in understanding the relationship that exists between what you feel and what you do that love’s lessons are learned. Each feeling requires that you enter into a relationship with it, for it is there you will find love. ACOL C:5.12

Humanity is ready to take on this loving task, the task of self-love, the necessary first relationship, both the first act and the first cause of creation. Allow feeling to be the playmate for self-growth. Allow feelings, with your loving presence, to become the soulmate to a healed mind, joined in the chamber of the heart as the bride in a divine marriage.

Cindee Pascoe is a former teacher, journalist, columnist, and workshop facilitator. She is a mother to two and grandmother to five. She lived in A Course in Miracles community from 1995 to 2000, immersed herself in The Right Use of Will teachings for many years thereafter, and is currently mostly preoccupied with A Course of Love. She finds the combination of all three texts provides the constantly evolving understanding of her experience of Self.

Subscribe toMiracles Magazine -Classroom for the Universal Course Featuring revealing articles about Living Love View a FREE copy hereGo here to subscribe       I know Jesus (one in Being with our Father) as life right here, now.  But I sometimes try to find him in my old learning, in some form from the past.  I seek Him in ways obsolete and unfruitful. The holy instant helps me remember to feel for Him indwelling mySelf. This morning, at the entrance to stillness I heard:

Stop searching for me.Stop seeking frantically.I am come as your Queendom,Your Paradise restored.Do not look furtherbut rest in What is given.Rest in What is Yours.Adoration* does not journey,Her heart not wanting,Her soul not unsure.Adoration simply adores,having cast off the limits,the bodies, the framesand in this Holy Instant beamsthe splendiferous Rays of Christ. Shall we talk of the way,the means of arrival?Or shall we baskand bathe our heartsin the Light of Our Father.This is no gentleman’s embrace.The hug of His Lovea complete caress,the gentleness that leaves no littleunhappiness, no unforgiveness,a softness that gives Ussublime strength. Love has touchedevery particle of your being,patient,waiting for Your perfection to awake,already holding your Yes (!)caressing your passioned consentas We cross and blessthe threshold of unification,comingling in appreciationof the God-child, the Brides of glory,the realized and Holy Relationshipof human and Creator Blessed. Your search is over,the diamond found.Beyond bodiesin the utterly free fieldof the jewel of all possibility,Our Relationship shines,attracting to it every lover of God,every believer in beauty,every desirous heart.Irresistibly alluring to thosewho have trusted Love,We give it Reign. This is Our holy instant this morning,One perpetually blazing Thoughtof indescribably beautiful appeal …your Holy Beloved unlost, unsought,forever in Love with You.

*Adoration  is the name the Father has given my soul.

MaryBeth Scalice, M.A., Ed.D., views her life as a living-breathing poem of God. Many years ago, her heart opened, her listening deepened, the breath fell away, and divine union was realized. MaryBeth is a counselor, writer, and teacher trained in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her work integrates psychology with spirituality, offering transformational heart-centered therapies for health and self-realization. She created the Foundation of Open Hearts, and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write.



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and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write^~https://acourseoflove.org/thank-you-donald-trump/~~The Embrace #66: Thank You Donald Trump~~Thank You, Donald Trump By Karči Cole Kňazovický

Try this: Instead of watching the Trump carnival every day, and instead of building up stronger and more solid images of him in yourself, allow your true feelings in response to Trump to come up.

Pause. Feel.

Simply step back. Let all feelings come up. Feelings, not reactions! Reaction is what he feeds on!

So what is the feeling? Did it come to you quickly? Did you name it? If so, then it’s not a true feeling, just a thought—a mental idea about a feeling. As ACIM says in Lesson 13, The ego rushes in frantically to establish its own ideas there, fearful that the void may otherwise be used to demonstrate its own impotence and unreality.

Go beyond the mental ideas about feeling. Rather, pause to find the deep, deep feeling, one that is even below the heart. Feel down, feeling even below what seem to be yourself. That’s what needs to shift for outer reality to change. Once you genuinely ask the question—What am I truly feeling? — it may take a while, even a few days, to be felt, because mostly only reactions come up at first. 

How does Trump make you really FEEL? If you feel sick in your gut, just allow it. I repeat: Don't confuse feelings with reactions. When I say feelings I don't mean the reactive thoughts we usually call feelings.

It’s important to connect with your true feelings. The ones that have no labels. Ones that emerge when we take time and allow space for them. Which is mostly never. Most of what people call feelings are just ideas in the mind. In my case, it took me three days to find my actual feeling regarding Trump.

Here is the real reason to ask Holy Spirit, or Source, or Loving Light to help us access the real feeling.

Remember ACIM Lesson Number 5? I am never upset for the reason I think. The purpose of that lesson is to demonstrate to yourself that you are never upset for the reason you think. Why am I really upset? The answer, which is a true feeling—the feeling that you have forgotten God, that feeling of separation from your true Self—has to emerge from deep within that part of us that only feels in order to be healed. True feelings are a place of no-thought. A place where there are hardly any past associations with this feeling. A place of the present moment: a now thing.

Then, when you actually really reach the real feeling, comes an important step —noticing the relationship you have with this arising feeling. Remember: It cannot be feelings, plural. If multiple feelings come, they are still just ideas in the mind. If there are many, they are just emotions masquerading as feelings. They are OK, but still not the real deal. The one true feeling has not been allowed to emerge. Only one.

When the one real feeling does emerge, it’s time to forget Trump! Focus on the feeling. If you are doing this correctly, you will see that the rejection of this feeling is what is causing you to interpret what you think is happening. Remember ACIM Lesson Number Two? I have given everything I see . . . all the meaning it has for me. This feeling is the cause of your grievance, which you have labeled Trump.

Mostly we push feelings down. It often happens even before we notice it. We disown them and project these denied aspects of ourselves. What we think we see is actually the parade of projections, blaming and seeing the faults of “others.” Yet the conflict is in us.

These held-down feelings need movement and life. If you successfully liberate this feeling, you will see that it is not your best friend, just as Donald Trump is not your best friend. It is how you feel about yourself, whether the feeling is rage or just the slightest twinge of annoyance. 

This is the relationship you have with yourself.

Have you ever gotten in touch with the intense fury mentioned in ACIM Lesson 21? That’s where the fun begins! Once again, denied fury or rage results in the world we see. What are they but feelings that remain denied, deep within, that never manage to be touched by the loving light we can so gracefully shine on everything else but them—these feelings that need it the most. 

Instead of actually feeling and taking responsibility for our own denied feelings, accepting and thereby healing them, we usually magnetize to ourselves projected images. We make new images of untruth every day. Every judgment makes a segment of the world we see.

Not this time! As said in A Course of Love (D:Day12.1): Now we listen to feelings. Now we listen to feelings and understand what they have to say to us. Now we listen with a new ear, the ear of the heart. Now we recognize the thoughts that would censor our feelings, calling them selfish, uncaring, or judgmental. We examine. And we realize it is our thoughts and not our feelings that are selfish, uncaring, or judgmental. We realize this because we realize the sacred space we have become. Our space is the space of unity. It is the space of ease because thoughts are no longer allowed their rule.

How do you know you have truly healed any images in your life that seems to be less than love? They simply cease to exist, or they no longer bother you at all. Practicing forgiveness is complete. You have forgiven the world. But if there is still a lot to forgive, the feeling aspect of the self has not been blessed by your presence yet, and your mind is not fully trained to forgive and release your past condemnations of your feeling self. The recognition and blessing of all feelings—their full forgiveness—allows the opportunity for the full power of Creation to be manifest.

As I said, it took me three days to find my actual feeling regarding Trump. And on the fourth day Trump vanished from my feed, my sphere, my life. Do I still see him? Yes, barely. But now there is no reaction to him. Just passing show. Slowly he is vanishing from my world because the CAUSE of Trump was identified. It had nothing to do with the image, or Trump himself, but that which manifested this effect. 

By the way, it would be wise to use this feeling process on everything that triggers us in life. This is true forgiveness. Be grateful to your triggers, as they will show you your blocks to Love's presence.

Regardless of how you might feel about Donald Trump himself, it is always helpful to connect with the deeper feelings that we are not accustomed to feel or are conditioned to avoid feeling. Remember, mind is not all that we are. The feeling body is also part of the self that needs forgiveness—more than most of us realize. 

Karči (Cole) Kňazovický is a classical guitar teacher, composer, and performer, a couples therapist, and a professional facilitator of men’s groups and mixed gender polarity work with a focus on masculinity. Cole extensively explored deep feelings through channeled material called Right Use of Will and is also a long-term teacher of ACIM focused particularly on the Workbook as a means of feeling application. Cole says: “At first I read ACOL like a book, but at some point the book came alive in my feelings. How so? I don’t know. It just did. It began to translate into feelings and the feeling began to correspond. The inner Dialogue began.” Cole’s twelve year-old son, Juni, lives with him in a community near Byron Bay, Australia.

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the greatest adventure,beyond description but not beyond feelingand experience,and knowing,

our final journey,back to Oneness,back to God,back to love,the final frontier,

the age of the god man/god woman.Resurrection without dyingakathe elevation of the self of form,the great transformation,the return to original purpose,of physicality,

the end of pain and suffering, disease and death,the end of separation,and absurdity,

an event without parallelin the long brief history of time,

what beloved brother Jesuswith his mother Maryannounced, modeledand demonstratednot so long ago,

for what is 2000 yearsin the span of millions,or billions,or eternity?

It invites us,it needs us,it calls to usnow.

All are called,all are chosen,but only each one can choose herselfor himself,choose to join,willingly.

For only togetherin unity and relationship,can we fulfill,the reason for our creation,the purpose of existence,

what is simply obvious,what was always inevitable,the only certainty,

the NEW,

it is here.it has begun.


Miguel Carvalho lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been trying to live the Course in Miracles since 1987 and now  A Course of Love for about five years. And grateful beyond words for ACOL. Miguel frequently posts his reflections and poems on  Facebook,  on the A Course of Love Companion Group and the Discovering A Course of Love group.


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     I was waiting for the trolley when two young women, dressed in their Sunday best, crossed over to my side of the trolley tracks. One of them asked me, "Do you know Jesus?"     I smiled and said, "Yes, I do." I chuckled, for I couldn't help but think it was almost as if we were talking about two different people.    The lady asked me if I had a relationship with Jesus and I said “Yes”. I could have added, "I love Jesus," but I didn't.     Next the lady asked me "Will you go to heaven?" to which I responded gaily, "I hope to go today." I almost laughed at the thought that she might have taken my words to mean, "It would be nice to die today."     The trolley came and I consented to receive one of the tracts without her asking me. The lady handed the top piece of paper from the stack she was carrying; I stepped onto the trolley.     After I found a seat, I thought back to the brief encounter. Somewhere within I had been thinking, my understanding of Jesus is right and yours is wrong. From the moment I heard the young woman ask me if I knew Jesus, I had been quite sure of this.     As I reflected upon this, I realized that there may very well be a sense in which neither the young woman nor I know or understand Jesus, at least on the human level of our existence. Our inability to grok all that he stands for and expresses is equal. We are very much on a level playing field in our relationship with Jesus. In fact, my assumption that I knew Jesus better than she did had been ugly.     Upon further reflection, I also noticed that even if it may be true that my understanding of Jesus as an ascended master—or beyond ascended mastership, for "ascended master" may be a limiting human concept—it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the young woman's willingness to receive love from Jesus and my willingness to receive love.     We didn't come to Earth to paint portraits of God and to decide which portrait comes closest to representing God. We came to Earth to receive God's love.    I will continue to reflect on this brief conversation. Was fear and my wish to be special underneath my assumption that I was superior to the young woman? As Choose Only Love counsels:

Perhaps you wonder how to release fear forever, and with it the desire to possess, so that now and forever you can live in a state of giving—that is, a life completely devoid of need. The answer is now obvious. When every lack is but an echo of a perceived lack of love, then the way to freedom from lack is but to let yourself be loved. Vol.2, Ch1:VII

     Could Choose Only Love be saying that we can be free from the distorted perceptions that come from our human conditioning? That this freedom is our when we simply allow ourselves to receive love? Could my wish to be special and superior have come from distorted perceptions such as the perception of a lack of love? Could this wish for specialness have been dissolved if I had let myself be loved?     As we read in A Course of Love:

What you allow yourself to receive and what you do with what you receive is all that matters. You realize now that life itself is a channel and that you are constantly receiving. You still perhaps think in terms of receiving meaning that there is something given from a source beyond the Self, but this is the “thought” that has to change. If giving and receiving are one, then giver and receiver are also one. D:Day21.5-6

     Jesus knows we are all equal, that we play on a level playing field. He does not court special relationships. He says Yes to holy relationships, only.     My refusal to see the young lady who asked me a few questions as my equal, as my true sister, was like a solid wall that kept me from allowing her fully into my life, into my heart. We must choose between superiority and embracing; the two cannot coexist, just as a light switch cannot be turned on and off in the same moment.     St. Bernard once said, "The three most important things are humility, humility and humility." Nothing could be more true. If humanity is to conform to the heart of God, the heart that has no walls, the starting point will be humility. Elliott Robertson is the author of Say Yes to Life and a Spiritual Growth Coach. He has served as a staff writer for Daily Word.

  A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love invited us to heal our minds and hearts, returning us to our wholehearted selves. Now, ‘A Journey into the Unknown’ invites us to come “down from the mountain and onto level ground, the ground of the earth, the place where you are connected and interconnected to all that lives and breathes along with you.”  http://journey.cocreatingclarity.org/about              




Temptations to Believe in Separation By Laurel Elstrom

    What tempts you to identify yourself as a separate person? Do you value the drama of your story? How would it feel to surrender control of your storyline and let things happen however they do? Without judgment, explore those areas that you still want to control. Don’t try to fix anything or change how you feel. Just bring awareness to your attachments.     Here are some common temptations to live separately:

Perception of Security and Control. At least you know how this world works. Its familiarity draws you back. You have a framework around which to process most of what happens. Like a child who prefers to stay in an abusive home, its familiarity is at least predictable. The myth of independence. While there is still hope that this time you might get it right, you will be tempted to try once more to become a happy person. That system is rigged for failure. The pursuit of individual happiness is impossible because you are not a separate being. You will only be happy when you recognize your relationship with everything. Shame keeps people bound. “I am unworthy of living as the Christ. I have too many flaws.” (You’ll never be a worthy person because you are not a person at all!) Fear of losing relationships. (You won’t have fewer relationships. They’ll just be more authentic.) Reluctance to give up control.

     The concept that you are a person is nothing more than an idea. It was never true. Your mind has created patterns to support and sustain that view of reality, but the lie doesn’t satisfy.     Many spiritual seekers respond to the longing to expand by attempting to swap a better, more spiritual identity for the old one. They try to perfect the personal self through study, sacrifice, and intense practice or purification. Ultimately, it never works because the foundational idea of any kind of separate self, even a kinder, more loving, more transcendent self is untrue. The system is rigged to force you out of identification eventually, with suffering as powerful motivator.

This is an excerpt from “Love on the Mountain: A Guide to Self-Discovery” by Laurel Elstrom, which uses “The Forty Days and Forty Nights” of A Course of Love as its framework for discovery. The first 34 pages can be viewed for free at Amazon.com. Laurel has shared her experience of ACIM and ACOL for over 30 years. www.laurelelstrom.com

~***~Say Yes to Life^http://journey.cocreatingclarity.org/about^Amazon.com. Laurel has shared her experience of ACIM and ACOL for over 30 years.