A Course of Love | Know Yourself

Your Natural Self Is Free and Happy

Our planet at all levels is passing through a tremendous transformation.

Fears are surfacing to be felt, acknowledged, and released in favor of a new way of living.

A united mind and heart—wholeheartedness—reveals forgotten truths. Through wholeheartedness you will recreate your world. Through wholeheartedness you can experience heaven on earth.​

Are you ready to —

  • KNOW YOURSELF in a new way, to know yourself without judging yourself?
  • ACCEPT YOUR FEELINGS, and live in harmony with yourself without blaming others for your feelings?
  • LET GO of the tyranny of the mind, and embrace the WISDOM of the HEART?
  • EXPERIENCE what is actually TRUE and BEAUTIFUL?

A Course on Knowing Your Self:
You Can Change Your Life

You Can Change Your Life Video
Descubra seu verdadeiro Ser

Discover Your True Self

Are you willing to no longer be a victim of circumstance and live as who you really are?

Mova da incerteza para a guia interior

Move from Doubt to Self-Guidance

Discover your calling, your uniqueness, your true feelings, your truth from within.

Construindo relacionamentos significativos

Build Healthy Relationships

Your ability to end fear, guilt, and repression of feelings will transform your relationships.

Vivendo uma vida plena

Live a Full Life

Are you ready to be done with the way things have been, to begin a new way, to listen to a new voice?

Resgate o seu poder

Embrace Your Power

The power of love is the cause and effect that will change your life and the world.

Recupere a sua liberdade

Reclaim Your Freedom

The laws of love bring spiritual freedom, beyond adherence to any authority other than one’s heart.

A Course of Love:
How It Came to Be

Mari Perron had a dream with a striking message: “You can no longer sell your mind for money. Your mind belongs to God.” Eventually she heeded that message and quit her job. After a long pause, Mari heard an Inner Voice – not in a dream, but in her waking state. What proceeded was her steady reception of the words of A Course of Love. She wrote down, word-for-word, what she heard. It took three years. The result, unedited, is A Course of Love.

Discover Mari’s latest book, in dialogue with Mother Mary:
Mirari: The Way of the Marys

What Readers Are Saying

Probably the most relevant, timely and illuminating book I’ve read. Ever.

L. Khoury, Reviewer on Amazon.com

ACOL is MIND BLOWING and totally illuminating. It takes you to the next level of awakening. I highly, highly recommend it.

Earl Purdy, New Thought Teacher/Lecturer & Coach

A Course of Love is a profound read. It is to the heart what A Course in Miracles is to the mind. I recommend it highly to any serious Course student.

Rev. Kevin Rice, President and CEO, The Academy of Spiritual Awakening

I have read through A Course of Love and The Treatises and am deeply moved as I am finding and rediscovering my “heart” and letting go of so much grief, sadness and unhappiness. How I love them. They are not simply books, they are a new way of life, a new me, a new world.

Miri Palmer, Emotion Code Practitioner, Transform Your Life

This is the most transformative book I've ever encountered! It is truly a gift... You will be transformed if you read it and take it in!

Kathryn A. Twinfeathers, Reviewer on Amazon.com

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“Where the original Course in Miracles was a course in thought reversal and mind training, a course to point out the insanity of the identity crisis and dislodge the ego’s hold, this is a course to establish your identity and to end the reign of the ego.” (ACOL)

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The practical, profound, and illuminating wisdom contained in A Course of Love has spawned a global movement. The book is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Korean. Translations into Chinese and Czech are under way.

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ACOL Quote of the Day

Recognize now that unity is within you and without you, in all you are and all you are in relationship with. Feel the embrace and the love that is this unity and know that it is you and me and our Creator and all that was created. T2:12.14