Permissions Policy

Take Heart Publications encourages reviewers, writers, and artists to quote from A Course of Love, and therefore has a liberal copyright permission policy. Permission is not required if all of the following apply. The quotations:

  • collectively consist of less than 750 words; and
  • are not greater than 25% of the total number of words in the work in which used; and
  • do not comprise an entire chapter from ACOL; and
  • the name “A Course of Love” appears along with the location from which the quotation is taken, properly using the referencing style as presented in the “Referencing Guide” at the back of ACOL.

Permission is required if:

  • the quotation stands alone;
  • the quotation is being used in a commercial, non-book product intended for sale (e.g., a tee-shirt); or
  • the quotation is being used in a commentary or reference work.

We appreciate being informed of your use of quotations from ACOL regardless of whether or not permission is required. Please contact:

Glenn Hovemann, Publisher
13315 Buttermilk Bend
North San Juan, CA 95960