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Hundreds of groups all over the world are gathering in a spirit of companionship to share insights and life experiences that help participants integrate the Course into their everyday lives. And there are many groups forming.

On the map below, please ZOOM IN to see what’s available in your location. Suggestion: click on the full screen symbol in the upper right corner of the map. (Some group locations are close together geographically, so one map marker may “hide” behind another unless you ZOOM way in.)

If you have a group and wish to let others know about it, please enter information about it on the form below, and we will add it to the map. If there is nothing in your area and you wish to form a group or join a group that may form, please fill in the form below and we will add it to the map.

If you are looking for Online Groups instead of In-Person ones, please go to this other page.


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