A Few Endorsements

I have been a full-time A Course In Miracles teacher/facilitator/student for over 33 years and a teacher/student of A Course of Love for over 7 years. ACIM concludes by saying, “This course is a beginning, not an end.” In my opinion, A Course of Love is the natural next step. ACOL is MIND BLOWING and totally illuminating. It takes you to the next level of awakening. I highly, highly recommend it.
Earl Purdy, New Thought Teacher/Lecturer & Coach, Unity, Denver

A Course In Miracles inoculated me forever against falsehood. Then A Course of Love appeared and set my heart dancing, reminding me that Love’s bag of tricks is never-ending.
Michael Mark, author, poet & blogger, EmbracingForever.com

The Best Kept Secret… (that shouldn’t be!)
To write a review of this book, of this series of books, is challenging in that it seems impossible to encapsulate a life-changing experience by writing a few words. Seemingly more difficult is it to express in words that which elevates you in spirit to the ultimate mountaintop experience. An experience so profound and exquisitely encompassing that my heart swells and my spirit soars 3 full years after being introduced to this work. The delay in writing the review stems from the personal struggle of finding the ‘right’ words to share so as to fully and accurately review that which is beyond words. How do I add to that which is already complete? And perhaps more importantly, how do I not detract from it? But this relentless desire to share my experience with A Course of Love has ultimately won out over my uncertainty of being able to write a review that gives due justice. I am not the author (at least no more than you) and I am not here to ‘sell’ the book. But it would be a great disservice for me to not share. If the person that shared it with me had not, I would have missed the most significant read of my life. Certainly you would expect a review to include or describe what the book is ‘about.’ And herein lies the difficulty. I find the process of trying to sum this book up in words completely frustrating. Now the words, or rather, the voice of the book comes through as clear and penetrating as the clarion sound of a well-tuned bell, ringing loud and true into the very heart of the reader. It has been the most effecting book! It can not be described as a ‘how to’ manual but maybe as a `guide.’ Not as a guide in the sense of pointing the way, but rather a GUIDE as in one who walks with you (the journey without distance). It is somehow a companion more ‘real’ than a physical personality. I have read many books that have had a positive effect in my life. Most have given a gentle lift while some were quite memorable. Then there are books like A Course in Miracles where you enter into a relationship with the work and find yourself engaged in something much greater than a ‘book.’ In fact, it was during an intense year-long study group of A Course in Miracles that I was introduced to ACOL. Think of ACOL as being for the HEART what ACIM is for the mind, with the concordant shift in Reality. If you have been a student of A Course in Miracles, then you must—I mean, MUST look into A Course of Love. You will find that the same loving ‘voice’ moves from ‘out there’ to in here and then you will see that it was Your voice all along. The effect of spending time with A Course of Love (series) has been experienced as a complete and total shift in consciousness. Uncertainty has been replaced with certainty and an internal compass of peace and joy guides me quietly through my days. If I can give you but one gift, this is it! I have received so much from ACOL that I simply can not hold it to myself. Please look beyond the inadequate words of this review and introduce your Self to this work.
an anonymous reader review posted on Barnes & Noble.com

A Course of Love is a book for open-hearted and willing adventurers, lovers and risk-takers. It is an invitation to abandon all you think you know, and to live into a constant coming to know, co-creating the new right here, right now. It’s time. Trust yourself. Hold on to nothing. Expect everything. You won’t be disappointed.
Christina Strutt, Founder, CoCreating Clarity

Having taught and studied A Course in Miracles for decades, I was, at first, skeptical of A Course of Love. An internal voice urged me forward, however, and words cannot express my gratitude for the miracles I have witnessed and experienced as a result of working with A Course of Love. The un-doing process it facilitates is gentle and loving, yet the results are undeniable. Every single student in my classes has experienced unprecedented shifts in consciousness and life-changing heart openings. A Course of Love is a sweet springboard to freedom.
Laurel Elstrom, ACIM and ACOL Teacher of 30 years, Minister, Life Coach, and Author of the upcoming DIY Enlightenment

I have read through A Course of Love and The Treatises and am deeply moved as I am finding and rediscovering my “heart” and letting go of so much grief, sadness and unhappiness. How I love them. They are not simply books, they are a new way of life, a new me, a new world. My connection to Spirit and Jesus is growing and I am noticing each day my heart softening more and more.
Miri Palmer, Scottsdale, AZ

A Course of Love is the response to our desire for a dialogue with the heart. It is essential for our return to love. Allow it to embrace and transform you, as I have. Receive this course now, as time is of the essence.
Akilah t’Zuberi, PhD, futurist and author, The You Scriptures

A Course of Love is a profound read. It is to the heart what A Course in Miracles is to the mind. I recommend it highly to any serious Course student.
Rev. Kevin Rice, frequent Unity Guest Speaker; President and CEO, The Academy of Spiritual Awakening; and Author, The Game of Love

A Course of Love is Jesus’s next step after we conclude A Course in Miracles. What do we do after we relinquish the ego? The answer, revealed in A Course of Love, is to be the Self fully, to sustain that being, and ultimately to embody the gift of Christ-consciousness. Then and only then do we move into eternity, where we find a universe of love to enjoy and a universe of love to create.
Celia Hales, author of “Miracles Each Day” blog, celiaelaine.wordpress.com; religion librarian (ret.), Univ. of Minnesota; 30+ year ACIM student

Trauma patients are fearful and hurting when they come into my ER. They need compassion, the right medicines, and warm blankets for comfort. In a similar manner, Jesus’s A Course of Love, received by Mari Perron, provides deep compassion, love, and support that will guide you through the journey of your life back into the heart of God.
Rodney Chelberg, MD, Bangor, ME

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