Mari’s Other Books

The Grace Trilogy is a story of three hearts being opened and transformed. Mari Perron observed the pregnancies of her two friends and co-workers, Julieanne Carver and Mary Love, from the slight remove of being the one non-pregnant member of a three person team . . . until Julie delivered a healthy baby boy (Peter), and Mary birthed a baby girl named Grace who would live only five weeks. The bonds of grief and compassion then brought the three women together in such profound friendship that they called themselves “spirit sisters.” It soon became clear that each woman’s hidden sadness was coming forward to be seen and transformed. They found, quite unexpectedly, that they had been thrust upon a shared journey of discovery…a spiritual journey. Their discovery of the connections that transcend the boundary of the body and even of death, were made holy by Grace, the catalyst for the journey. First published in 1997, the story is still relevant now. As a whole, it is unusual in several ways. It has a unique structure for telling of the same time period through three distinct narratives. It is uncommon for presenting a tale in which friendship is the vessel for movement on the spiritual path. And it is significant for all that is portended within its pages.

Love: A Story of Connection by Mari Perron with Mary Kathryn Love and Julieanne Carver shares the friendship that blossoms with the excitement of the simultaneous pregnancies of Love and Carver, and matures following the untimely death of Love’s newborn daughter, Grace. The women’s connection to one another intensifies as they embark upon a spiritual quest, each seeking answers to the questions that represent their greatest desires and fears. It is also the story that, for Mari, led up to the receiving of A Course of Love. (246 pages)
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Grace: Finding the Light by Mary Kathryn Love, the second book of The Grace Trilogy, is a deeply personal story of what many consider the most profound experience of loss—that of one’s child. Mary Love’s journal poignantly records the anticipation of her daughter’s birth, the tragedy of her illness, her death at five weeks of age, and the grief that followed. Why? What possible meaning could be found in Grace’s death? The answers Mary receives affirm that love transcends time and space. Indeed, Mary discovers that it is Grace herself who holds the key to an immensely healing odyssey. (230 pages)
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Peace: Meeting at the Threshold by Mari Perron, the final book of The Grace Trilogy, recounts the experiences that paved the way for her to receive A Course of Love (see the (see the Foreword, pages x-xi). Beginning as a journal of prayer, her writing becomes a record of an ongoing inner dialogue with a spirit named Peace. As she applies the messages from Peace to her everyday world, her life begins to change in remarkable ways. A life-long Catholic, Mari is astounded to find herself being taken beyond faith to experiences that confirm the reality of divine life and the unity that exists between us all. (326 pages)
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Creation of the New by Mari Perron (2007) is a mystical “post-apocalyptic vision.” As we each experience the apocalypse within ourselves—as the death of the old and birth of the new—the same crisis of death and rebirth is occurring in the world. It is in progress. Our awareness and embrace of this transformational time is crucial. And yet this rumination on the “new” is one that the mind cannot take hold of. Mari Perron’s authentic mystical voice is reminiscent of Mechtild of Magdeburg: at once feminine and intelligent. While not hesitant to use apocalyptic language, or to acknowledge the apocalyptic nature of the times in which we live, her emphasis is on the prophetic announcement of the birth of the new, the “jewel of humanity.” It is of imminent importance in these turbulent and painful times. (144 pages)

The Given Self: Recovering Your True Nature by Mari Perron (originally published by John Hunt Publishing, 2009, to be re-released through Amazon) is a highly personal yet universal exploration of breaking the trance of convention, moving toward wholeness through one’s own humanity, and embracing the authentic self: the given self. The given self is “an alternative to those spiritual or social choices that come at the cost of being your self or of having a self. It’s a choice for empowerment.” The Given Self is about taking back what’s been lost: our selves, our hearts, our humanity. About the book Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira have said: “Mari presents her honest process in search for the authentic self—The Given Self. She accurately demonstrates that we cannot embrace an impersonal spirituality unless we integrate the personal self; without this piece, invalidation occurs which is a common trap for spiritual seekers. This book will help many learn to trust their authenticity—the path home to our Given Self.” (159 pages)