How to Explore Within the Text of ACOL

Discover ACOL is a suite of powerful online tools with which to discover occurrences of words and phrases in the context of their appearance within the text of ACOL, yielding deeper and fuller meaning to your reading and understanding of the message of A Course of Love. Discover ACOL is hosted by The Center for A Course of Love.

Discover ACOL includes:

  • A Search Facility that creates a list of all occurrences of a word or phrase, the immediate context, and a link to the paragraph. The Search Facility also offers the ability to refine a search to locate instances in which a primary search term is accompanied by a secondary search term within the same ACOL paragraph. This and other highly useful search techniques are explained in the Search Guidelines.
  • A Concordance, an alphabetical index of all words and some common phrases that appear in ACOL. It shows these within their immediate context along with the number of times the word or phrase occurs.
  • Word Counts of the number of times a word or phrase appears in ACOL. A full list of Word Counts is available as a separate PDF document.
  • Reference Guides to the previous three-volume printing of A Course of Love books (with blue covers).

These tools are hosted by The Center for A Course of Love. They were designed and created by Colin Strutt, given to Mari Perron and the Center, and are shared on the Center’s website with all who are receiving and living ACOL’s message. These tools are offered here with love and at no cost. The Center is a non-profit organization. It rests on love, time, talents, and money offered by friends and receivers of ACOL such as yourself. We invite you to give generously to support the movement of A Course of Love into the world.