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Correlating A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love

CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL enables you to correlate words and phrases that appear in both A Course in Miracles (Original Edition) and A Course of Love. Exploring their relationship offers deeper and fuller understanding of the message of both ACIM and ACOL. CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL is offered here with love and at no cost.

A Course in Miracles – Original Edition (ACIMOE) is published by the Course in Miracles Society (CIMS). A Course of Love (ACOL) is published by Take Heart Publications. Should you publish any material based on the results of these tools, please respect each publisher’s permissions policy. (For ACIMOE, visit For ACOL, visit

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The result lists all instances of the word or phrase in both ACIMOE and ACOL. Each instance includes the context in which the word or phrase appears and a reference in the left column is hyperlinked to the full paragraph in the corresponding book. From that full paragraph you can also view previous and next paragraphs within the same chapter. You may need to scroll within the ACIMOE and/or ACOL sections to see all of the results.

Detailed instructions on how to refine your search are provided in the Search Guidelines, along with many insights and examples that help you to make the most of CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL.

More Cool Stuff

A combined concordance and comparative word counts, as well as referencing guides for both Courses may be viewed at More Cool Stuff.

With Gratitude

Christina and Colin Strutt created two search facilities — CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL and  Discover ACOL —  both born from their expertise and creative inspiration. We are deeply grateful for this amazing, awesome, wonderful, and totally cool contribution! We encourage readers to be aware that Christina Strutt, on whose website CoRelate is hosted, offers a powerful “CoCreating Clarity” practice based on the principles of truth and love as brought through both ACIM and ACOL.