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Understanding and Misunderstanding A Course of Love, by Glenn Hovemann, published in Miracles Magazine July/August 2016.
Several Miracles teachers recently have circulated and re-circulated material that compares A Course in Miracles (ACIM) with A Course of Love (ACOL) and claims the latter to be a “regression” and an “attempt to preserve some value for the individual self and body.” I was surprised, yet I welcome a conversation that leads to better understanding. It’s an opportunity for sharing love and dialogue.

Fifty years ago Jesus dictated 1,250 magnificent pages to Helen Schucman. When ACIM came into my life in 1978 I knew in my bones that it was true. Over the years it ignited a spiritual revolution. Why dictate another 700 pages to Mari Perron? Why did he give it such a similar title as “A Course of Love”? Why did he call it a “continuation”? And because ACOL is obviously not merely a restatement of ACIM, what’s going on?

Before attempting to answer these . . . (Click to Continue)

A Course of Love Compared to A Course in Miracles

by Celia Hales (from her blog Miracles Each Day)

Mari Perron’s channeled writing, A Course of Love, in a new combined edition—A Course of Love, The Treatises, and The Dialogues, acronym ACOL—is a beautifully rendered narrative that I view as a sequel to A Course in Miracles. She heard internally, as she related to me in an interview when I met her in St. Paul over a decade ago, that ACOL was presented to her by Jesus as “another Course in Miracles.” She said that she had about a week before she consented to tackle such a large project, a project that eventually led her to resign from her position at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities to devote herself full time . . . (Click to continue)

Elephants and Rhinos and Miracles, Oh My! published in Miracle Worker magazine (UK) May/June 2016

By Douwe Van der Zee

In South Africa, Douwe had an incredible experience of joining — with an elephant.

As a child growing up in South Africa, I sought refuge from loneliness in nature. To study biology seemed to me the to be the natural thing to do but, after a master’s degree in zoology and a few years as a scientist, I resigned as an oceanographic research coordinator to pursue my interest in the human psyche and its Source. In a varied career since then, I have acted as counsellor, group process facilitator, mediator, overland and wilderness trail guide, high school teacher, permaculturist, writer, ‘playmate’ at a preschool and CEO of the Field (Nature) Guides Association of Southern Africa — all external forms of an internal quest for peace and Truth. Predominantly through A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle’s writings and A Course of Love (ACOL), I have now come to accept the latter’s instruction that “the idea that you do not have to earn your way nor pay your way must be birthed and lived by”.

I cannot claim that it came without frequent deep and intense fear but the result is ever-increasing joy as I, as an ordinary . . . (Click to Continue)