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Mirari: The Way of the Marys

Announcing a new publication elaborating A Course of Love’s Way of Mary

Mirari: The Way of the Marys

From A Course of Love’s First Receiver, Mari Perron, comes a dialogue with Mary of Nazareth


In words spoken between Mary of Nazareth, and Mari Perron, our hearts are called to embrace our knowing in all its fullness. Uniting the feminine and masculine within, wholeness of being joins wholeheartedness, releasing all the feelings of the sacred heart.

Our grief over the way that is passing is welcomed. Grief is “alive with soul and depth and longing.” It empowers us to leave the old behind. As we cease to think of ourselves as learning beings, new ways of knowing arise. We become creators of The New.


Accepting and Receiving

You are always wishing you could offer more. But can you accept more?

From Mirari: The Way of the Marys

Here, in our time of bringing the miracle to mystery. . . we offer Mirari as the way of the divine feminine.

A Course of Love introduced the Way of Mary and described its symbiotic relationship with the Way of Jesus:

One way is active. One way is receptive. Yet the ways are not separate any more than Jesus was separate from Mary—or any mother separate from her child. The ways are rather complementary and symbiotic. Together they return wholeness and will bring about the completion of the time of Christ. This symbiotic working together will be essential for the birth of the new and in truth symbolizes it in form and process. As within, so without. Mary represents the relationship that occurs within, Jesus the relationship that occurs with the world. So do each of you.

Many readers of A Course of Love felt a calling to enter the Way of Mary but, since ACOL does not expand much on the theme, were left with questions that are now addressed in Mirari, The Way of the Marys:

Those called to our way of Mary, know of this freedom in, you might say, an inner way that anchors, and an outer way that nurtures. It is a way of holding and of letting go at once . . . giving and receiving as one. It is directed, through personal peace, toward a peace in the world that is achieved through peace in each one. It is not a passive peace but a life-centric peace that protects, most of all, the life of the soul, and the fulfillment of the soul’s purpose in you.

This “protective” energy is what you might see as the difference in our way of Mary, and it is essential for this time in which The New is destined to be born. While the way of Jesus stirs those toward The New, the way of “the Mother” is to nurture the new life that arrives there with equal parts freedom and protection.

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Mirari: The Way of the Marys

Join in the dialogue and take your part in the co-creation of the New.

Mirari: The Way of the Marys is available in paperback and eBook.

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