How Mari Received ACOL

Mari discovered A Course in Miracles in 1996.

I read about ACIM in a newspaper article that did not name it as a book that came in the voice of Jesus. When I started reading it, I still didn’t realize that it was, and when I became aware of it I didn’t believe it. But by then I wasn’t about to put the book down because I felt everything in it was Truth with a capital T. . . . After a while I started to figure maybe it really was Jesus.

She was enthralled. Although usually Mari voraciously read many books, for two years she read little other than A Course in Miracles, many times through, especially the Text. Well over a year before she actually heard the voice, preparation had begun. Mari says:

A Course of Love began with a dream. The dream came to me in July of 1997. In the dream, I heard, You can no longer sell your mind for money. Your mind now belongs to God.

Months of soul-searching followed. Eventually Mari left her job and held herself ready—for what, she had no idea. After nine months and much finan­cial uncertainty she considered going back to work, but an inner knowing kept telling her that she “had work to do for God.” Then her friend Mary shared a dream in which she saw “a new course in miracles.” Mari felt that somehow Mary’s dream was an announcement of the work to come—a work so monumental that Mari had been unable to accept signs that now, looking back, had pointed toward this scribing work all along. A week later, on December 1, 1998, Mari began to “hear” the voice.

As soon as I heard the familiar voice of Jesus, not as I remembered it from my youth or the Bible, but as I remembered it from many readings of A Course in Miracles, I was awestruck by the task set before me. For the next three years, I dedicated myself to receiving the three books that combine to deliver this new message.

Referring to Mari, Jesus said that “the first receiver of these words can ‘hear’ these words as thoughts. Keep in mind that she has thoughts she is not thinking.” (D:12.7)

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