Are you feeling the urge to be an ACOL advocate?

In A Course of Love Jesus frequently advises against proselytizing on the Course’s behalf. On the other hand, he says it is a good thing to represent the Course through the truth of yourself. Consider the following selections:

[W]hen you feel the need to convince others of your belief, the need to give form to what is beyond form misses the point of what you have gained. You may be asking now, “Are you saying to do nothing?” At the thought of this you will be aghast and, what is more, bitterly disappointed. Again, as in the beginning, you seek a task to accomplish, forgetting that only you can be accomplished.

When one thinks, “There is so much to say,” one forgets to listen. Be guided in your going out. Be restrained in what you say. Be attentive in your listening. Where you are is where you are supposed to be. The path to follow to all changes will be shown to you if you will but be attentive. If you follow the way that is shown to you, all uncertainty will end. Uncertainty is where difficulty lies. Certainty and ease as surely go together. There are no more decisions for you to make. There is only a call for a dedicated and devoted will, a will dedicated to the present moment, to those who are sent to you and to how you are guided to respond to them. One will be a teacher, another a student. The difference will be clear if you listen with your heart. (C:28.12-13)

Surely there are already those called to represent not only their true Selves but this Course to the world. If this had not been the case, you would not be taking this Course. It would not be available, and it would not be known to you. So even while I have said that no one is called to leader¬ship and while I have surely meant this and do not call for leaders to amass followers, I do not mean to dissuade any of you who feel a call to represent this Course and the teachings of this Course with your lives and work. Those who feel this call are surely needed. And each of you will find the sharing of this Course to be among the easiest of ways to share what you have learned. You will almost certainly feel eagerness to share it and joy whenever and wherever you are able to do so. But some of you will find that you do no more than mention this Course as the one, or only one of the teachings that has led you to the truth.

You are a beautiful representation of the truth and cannot be otherwise. (3T:22.2-3)