Christ is Born

 Received from Mother Mary

The following message was received on December 14, 2020, by Marietta Beregi of Budapest, Hungary, who has been receiving numerous messages from Mother Mary since late August. Most are on the subject of motherhood. None are yet published. This message, especially the audio recording, may serve as a guided meditation.
Mother Mary asked Marietta to narrate and share this message.
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We set out together on a holy path in the silence of the miracle. The merry songs of angels echo in every corner of our souls. Our hearts tremble, our tears gather. Christ is born in a sublime moment, an incomprehensible miracle.
We tread this path in union. You look at me as you never have before. My heart, my body, reveals a secret. A smile lights across your face as your gaze rests on the precious fruit of my heart. I carry Christ in me. You kneel and hug the precious treasure you are given from God. Angels surround us, consecrate us with their silent prayers. These are the first moments of true joy.
“Come!” —I say softly, and holding hands we continue on our sublime path.
“How can all this come about?” —you wonder, with a smile. Your unspoken question comes clearly to my heart.
Pictures, sounds, colors appear in front of you—flashes of memories. Every step emerges from a vast silence. Your soul overflows with gratitude. You know—you feel—that every single step was necessary to stand with me here and now. Every smile, every tear, served your sacred way. Knowledge transmutes into a soft understanding within; your heart’s gratitude ascends to God, carried with an exquisite aroma. You kiss every smile and every tear and let them fall softly back into the silence from which they emerged.
Yes, dear child, every experience, every blessed person has helped you. How could God give anything but love? An understanding light begins to overwhelm your memories. A halo of angels will appear above each person in your life. Some you perceived as hard rocks that stopped you with pain. Some you perceived as lovely, sweet fruits who also stopped you with happiness. Now you see the haloes over their heads and notice, gratefully, how they each unconsciously built your stairway to Heaven.
How majestic is God! What miracles He makes for you! Your heartfelt gratitude carries you on the wings of angels. You embrace me now. We touch. I put your hand on the miracle resting within me. Feel how Christ rejoices in me!
Your legs weaken from great happiness but we keep going, hand in hand.
“Who am I?” —you think to yourself. “How can I be so honored? Me, a little one, how could I be here with you?” —you wonder, with teary eyes. You feel like a speck of dust near the miracle. Silence softly embraces you as the thoughts and feelings of your humanity fall away. No longer haunted by the past, no longer calling for the future, you are here—now. This brilliant moment shines light into every hidden corner of your heart and mind.
I still hold your hand as you now observe everything around you changing. You hear the wings of angels, the soft footsteps of shepherds echoing into the silence, and the humble dignity of kings appears gently before you. Silence dresses up for celebration.
For a fleeting moment we fly together on angels’ wings and see every moment of the miracle to come. Adorned with snow white, all creatures in Heaven and Earth prepare for the celebration with joyful, touched hearts. Few words are spoken of all the beauty and goodness we have together seen. Not a single soul, not a tiny blade of grass would fail to tremble with joy at this incomprehensible miracle. All creation is brought into light. All hurry to the heavenly cave to see and receive. No creature is left out of this feverish and moving preparation.
As we get closer and closer, can your legs carry you any more? Or have you wings already that fly softly, majestically, silently? Silence has become music within. A familiar melody sprinkles your soul with ineffable joy. “How do I know this music?” you wonder. “Surely I have heard it before, but when? Where?” But your thoughts fly ahead as you see the heavenly cave afar off and the bright star of Bethlehem resting in an endless sky.
Your feet now have new strength for you to see Him as soon as possible, the blessed child, the incomprehensible miracle, the unspeakable gift of God.
Every step of your life has served its purpose for you now. Past and future merge in the silence of now. All in you that is human has become purified, emptied, ready to receive the miracle.
I disappear from your sight in a single invisible moment so you can happily see me again in the heavenly cave. Angels embrace you and gently lead you to the entrance.
You see yourself in them for a moment. You want to enter the sanctuary of the miracle beautifully, in snow white, with an angelic soul.
The serene silence of shepherds and kings sways in a gentle breeze; the soft aroma of nature touches your soul.
That music, so familiar, is playing again. Softly and powerfully at the same time. Silence and music, light and sound flood your entire being. “Is it outside? Or inside? When did I first hear it?” —you ponder again, as the happiness of angels pervades your soul.
You cannot enter the sanctuary of miracles on your own. The gentle wings of angels fly you into the middle of the heavenly cave.
“I am here. Come!” —I say to you again. Now you see me, right in front of you. Joy ripples through your soul.
“How brilliantly beautiful you are!” —you say again, but now, seeing my glowing face, you dare not touch me. You gaze at my face, enraptured, for a timeless moment.
“Look!” —I say softly. “Christ is born.”
Now, only now, in this sacred moment, can you see Christ in my arms. The soft light of understanding sways in your heart. Only now can you see that Mother and Son are one heart. Mary and Jesus are one heart. This one heart calls you now: the one heart, the Heart of God.
“Christ is born!” —you worship as you rest your gaze on Jesus. He is sweet, charming, his light caressing as gently as the soft breeze of spring. Majestic peace flows from his being and embraces the entire universe.
“Christ is born!” —echoes in every heartbeat, in every breath of light.
“Christ is born!” —joyfully echo the trees, the flowers, all creation.
“Christ is born!” —roars the waterfall from an erupting spring.
“Christ is born!” —whisper the colors of the rainbow.
“Christ is born!” —sprinkles the sunlight, blessing every created being.
You are in the midst of a miracle. You can barely see the happy mother and baby through your tears.
There is strength in softness. My words resound within you. Tender love created you and the whole beautiful world. Tender love keeps everything alive.
“Come!” —I whisper, softly, invitingly. As you sit beside me in the heart of the miracle, I place Christ in your arms. Christ, whom I give to the world. Christ, whose miracle is to be revealed in your heart. 
“Christ is born!” —I sing to you softly, filling your soul with such force that your eyes open and your heart happily accepts the miracle.
“Christ is born!” —you repeat like a prayer, immersed in the silence of miracle.
Life stops for a single, fleeting, sacred moment. And you feel the brilliant silence between two heartbeats. In one small moment, knowledge becomes understanding. And at last you recognize that sweet music. Time trembles to pass this consecrated moment into the timeless, as the fragrance of a miracle swings in your heart. A fleeting moment has become infinite, a blissful miracle in your heart.
“Christ is born!” —you say with a smile on your face and a peaceful heart resting in the one heart.
“Christ is born!” —you whisper softly and embrace the treasure in your heart. No one can ever remove this miracle from you. Christ has been born in your soul.  
Marietta Beregi began to feel Mother Mary’s tender presence this summer, while translating Choose Only Love into Hungarian. She was given messages from both Jesus and Mother Mary in July and August. They are as yet unpublished. Recently Mother Mary told Marietta, I have a wholehearted request for you. Would you be my voice? I want to be closer to my dear children. Would you be the Voice of Mother Mary?” Accordingly Marietta narrated the “Christ is Born” message.