DSC03361What has gone undercover in your life? What new fears have you developed? Why are there people asking spiritual teachers if it is okay to cry? There needs to be a way, once we are aware that the ego, false self, or idea of separation is wrong . . . to let it go and begin anew.

I like to say that with A Course of Love, you get to take your Self back, and you get to take the world back. I have noticed what I call new fears and I see no reason to leave one set of fears—ego fears—behind, only to pick up fears that might be called “human” fears. No one has to be afraid to care, or to cry. No one needs to be scared to share, afraid to admit to illness or disease, or to feel they have a purpose, a talent, or a calling. There is no need to be afraid to appear intellectual, to fear to be personal, to be frightened into silence in the company of spiritual peers. It is not arrogance to tell our story. To grieve is not a failure. To have troubles, to admit that there are things that keep us up in the night, or that we may be concerned over the state of society or the planet, are not admissions of defeat. It is not conceit to feel that you have good ideas or believe that you can make a difference in one life or in many.

A Course of Love is an invitation to be fully who you are . . . in a new way.