brugmanThen you will remember that this is but a Course in remembering and that memory is the language of the heart. C:10.31

The heart wisdom that A Course of Love draws forth is emergent heart wisdom. It is “emergent” heart wisdom because it is ours. It is yours and it is mine. It emerges from within each of us. This Course is a catalyst, an activator.  It is a relationship we are invited into. It is the way in which that invitation is extended, and what happens inside of each of us when that invitation is accepted, that constitutes its method. There is interaction, one to another. In this Course’s language there is something happening, and it is happening “One Heart to One Heart,” (I:12). With A Course of Love, the teaching or philosophy is not the Holy Grail. The relationship is. You are. When this gets mixed up, the situation itself is untrue. The emphasis is in the wrong place.

Each of us being true to who we are is the reason A Course of Love came to us! This is Jesus advocating for us. Advocating for each of us to accept our true selves and our power, and to live our lives with that acceptance. Jesus defines the heart as our center, the center of ourselves, of our being. And I think of how this Course became central to me and my life. It moved in. It began to share space with me. Its teachings faded in importance . . . still there and retrievable . . . but secondary to living, to loving.

As I’m working on the audio books and “receiving” the Course again as I do, this is clearer to me than ever before. Sometimes, when I get done with the day’s recording, I feel as if I read something absolutely profound that I must go back to read again—something that was clearer than ever before and in its clarity sent out a dozen other points of light. Yet when I go back to see what it was, I cannot return to the words that I believe were there, the ones that moved me. Then I know once again, that there is more conveyed than what is there. When Jesus speaks to my heart, or to yours, he lifts us from the pages of the book. He says “This is a course in remembering” and I believe this may be what accounts for the experience. He says, “[Y]ou are not called to evangelize or convince anyone of the merits of this course of study. This is just a course of study. Those whom you would seek to evangelize or convince are as holy as your Self.” T4:2.19 Yes, something is activated in each of us, and what is activated is specific to each of us. Memory is returned to us. Holiness is declared. We are not found wanting. We are found in relationship, a relationship that is infinite in its variety.

The symbol chosen for this publication, the Angel’s Trumpet, is shown in its various stages at the top of the website; shown in its unfolding. This, too, is what this new way of knowing feels like.  Each bit of heart wisdom unfolds in this way so that it is never over, never done. A constant unfolding. Ever emergent. Ever new.

boundLook at how bound up the Angel’s Trumpet is at the start! The magnificent beauty at the top of the page started out like a twisted up grasshopper.  In Chapter Nine, Jesus says, “You travel lightly now where before you walked in chains. You travel now with a companion who knows you as you are and would show your Self to you.” C:9.9  Jesus says this in Chapter Nine! I marvel! Already, so early in the Course, releasing us from the chains that have had us twisted up in knots. Already asking: Can I just show you who you are? So early , , , beginning that great kindness, so that we. . . each of us tender hearts, can be the emergent of this new time.