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With the purchase of extended access to conference material, you will have access to ALL of the following pre-recorded sessions, plus seven sessions that were recorded live during the conference dates Dec 1-3, 2018.

  1. Hear Your Call Mari Perron
  2. The Grace Trilogy  (1994-1997)  Mari Perron / Mary Love / Julieanne Carver
  3. Spirit Sisters   (1998-99)    Mari Perron / Mary Love / Julieanne Carver
  4. ACOL’s History (2001-14)  Mari Perron
  5. Pioneers of A Course of Love    (2002-03)
           Mari Perron / Earl Purdy / Sajit Greene / Terry Widner
  6. Be Confident in Your Vulnerability (2002) Mari Perron
  7. Mari Perron about Helen Schucman and more Mari Perron
  8. The Power of Place. The Practice of Contemplation Mari Perron
  9. The Heartbeat of the World Coralie Pearson
  10. Creation of the New Mari Perron / Christie Lord
  11. A Course of Love Becomes Known
           Mari Perron / Glenn Hovemann / Kathy Scott Perry
  12. A Celebration of Two Courses Mari Perron / Jon Mundy / Lee Flynn
  13. Go Quantum! Jon Mundy / Mark Greenfield / Christina Strutt
  14. How to Receive Miracles Yasuko Kasaki
  15. Read More

  16. Two Courses to Awaken the Heart
           Rev. Reja Joy Green / Tom Whitmore / Mari Perron / Lee Flynn
  17. Translating Not Just Words Translators of A Course of Love
  18. The Connection Between Prayer and Divine Memory
    Sebastian Blaksley / Coralie Pearson / Eric Huysmans
  19. Two Courses – Differences and Similarities Celia Hales / James Kelly
  20. Embody A Course of Love Ideas; Enable Greater Team Creativity
           Joe Kittel / Mary Love / Coralie Pearson / Lee Flynn and others
  21. Leadership for Creating the New Jackie Lesser
  22. Your True Self at Work Akilah Zuberi / Joe Kittel / Jackie Lesser
  23. Living Love More Deeply Rev. Tony Ponticello
  24. Observations From Witnessing Mari’s Experience of ACOL
    Mary Love / Christie Lord
  25. The Way of Mary Mari Perron / Mary Love / Christie Lord
  26. Companionship of Two Sisters Mari Perron / Christina Strutt
  27. Heart-Opening Dialogue Mari Perron / Helen Burke / Rhetta Morgan
  28. Discover Your Full Self in Dialogue Mari Perron and Mary Love
  29. Dialogue is Like Cooking Together
           Christina Strutt / Jackie Lesser / Susan Bernardini / Lars Gimstedt
  30. A Zoom panel on Zoom-based ACOL gatherings
           Joe Kittel / Lynn Kidd / Cole Knazovicky and others
  31. The Unity of A Combined ACIM / ACOL Group
           Mari Perron / Joan Harrington / Joe Kittel and others
  32. Learning in the Time of Christ Mari Perron
  33. A Celebration of Poetry and Song
           Mari Perron / Rhetta Morgan / Helen Burke (Lady) / Michael Mark / Elliott Robertson
  34. Creativity – The Human and the Divine Christina Strutt / Michael Mark

ESPAÑOL:      La vida transformada       Coralie Pearson, Miguel Bini, Sebastian Blaksley



Highlights ACOL Just Released! 240-page Highlights from A Course of Love 
compiled by Paula Hardin. This book arose from Paula’s leading of an ACOL sharing group–she selected “highlights” from each ACOL chapter and shared it with her group. The book consists entirely of the text that Paula highlighted–a great way to view (and share) the essence of each chapter. Retail price: $16.95. NOW 25% discount,  only $12.71 (U.S. only). To order, please go to the ACOL Store.

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★ Previously Unpublished Jesus Material from the personal archives of Mari Perron — a 20-page PDF document.

Dialogue Unveiled, a 6-page chapter from Jesus explaining “dialogue” in depth, received by Mari in 2002.

A YEAR’S FREE SUBSCRIPTION to Miracles Magazine (six issues, a $35 value) featuring articles from engaging authors about A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and other forms of the “universal course.” Jon Mundy, who was a close friend of Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford and who embraces Truth in many forms, is editor. (PDF only)

Embodying Love: A Position and a Practice in Three Breaths” — a transformational presentation by Christina Strutt. (It comes as both a PDF and an audio file.)

A 25-page collection of Ecstatic Poems from Michael Mark’s book, I Place My Hand Upon the Sky.

Ten Points of Contact Between ACOL and ACIM,” a PDF from Celia comparing and contrasting the two Courses.

A 20% discount on the Miracle Choice Pocket Game created by James Kelly. Role a dice, choose a card, and dialogue with other players to experience the power of choice in any situation you bring to the game. Find out more at