How I Recognize Jesus

By Lana Carolan

Many have asked me over the years how I recognize Jesus as the true voice delivering A Course in Miracles and also within A Course of Love.  That’s an easy one: Jesus has traveled with me since I was a small child. I met him on the playground.

As a child I was always frightened about everything—especially the priest and nuns at the Catholic school I attended. Every recess, Sister Mary Dorothy always sent for my older brother to come down and hold my hand during recess time. One day my brother was home sick. I was alone, frightened, standing by the school wall.

I felt someone reach for and hold my hand. It was no different than if you were holding my hand. But there was no physical appearance of a “someone” present. Yet I felt his presence beyond the mere sensation of him holding my hand. I felt him deeply within my heart, within my whole inner being.

I knew nothing of the mechanics of forgiveness at the time. All I knew was that whenever I was afraid, all I needed to do was to call on Jesus and my fear went away.

When eventually I left the Catholic faith I just took Jesus with me. He was very different than the Jesus I was taught about in school. My Jesus always reminded me of my innocence and of my safety within his loving embrace. Even as a young adult, I remember always calling on Jesus before answering the phone or door or in any situation where fear lurked.  Jesus was just a presence I carried with me, within my mind and heart.

Jesus spoke to me in what I describe as “thoughts I do not think.”  That is also how I hear the Holy Spirit and the Voice for God. They come through “thoughts I do not think.”  Thoughts are simply delivered to my mind without my participation. They are always messages of comfort and joy. They always bring me peace.

You can imagine my surprise at finding my Jesus in the pages of ACIM. There was never a “figuring it out” about the authenticity of that writing. It was more of an energetic recognition. It was familiar and comforting. I just had a knowing that it was him. We continued to travel together in my journey with ACIM for the next 40 years.

A few years ago I was guided to ACOL by a dear friend whom I trust completely.  My trust was doubly validated when the very first words I saw when I randomly opened the pages of ACOL, were, “Your first experience of Unity may be in the thoughts you do not think.”  “There you are. There you are again,” I remember thinking with a loving sigh. It was instant recognition. I knew Jesus wanted to continue to teach me through this beautiful book with its message of unity and love.

The more I absorb the wisdom of ACOL, its authenticity only resonates more deeply with my heart and mind.  It has contributed so much in validating so many of my experiences that have occurred during my years in studying ACIM.  ACOL has facilitated episodes of expanded awareness I could have never imagined possible. I find it to be a seamless continuation of ACIM in the reawakening of Truth in my mind.

Every morning Jesus and I have what I call a meditative writing session together. It is a blended communication, the content coming from Jesus in a form that shows up as “Lana.”  I share my writings on Facebook. I have been doing that for almost twelve years.

By sharing, I strengthen the truth within myself and with those with whom I share it. I share and extend the love of God via Jesus sharing it with me. In both ACIM and ACOL, sharing is a means of experiencing our Unity with each other and with our Creator.

Nothing that is real can be increased except by sharing. That is why God Himself created you.” (Tx:4.99 OE)

Jesus continues his teachings on sharing in ACOL: Sharing is the means through which the holy relationship you have with everything is revealed in truth. (C:31.23.1)

I have discovered that sharing the love of God facilitates an actual experience of a fundamental reality: that is giving and receiving are ONE in Truth. The love I share is always returned to me in full measure. To share the love of God is my vocation and devotion. It brings me joy, as do you.

Lana Carolan has been a student of ACIM for about 40 years and, more recently, of ACOL. She says: “I mentor many students and it has been through them that I have come to recognize that giving and receiving are truly one.” Contact Lana via Facebook or email her at





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As You Are

By Love Itself,
through Janine Miller-DeLany


I love you as you are, even when, especially when you are letting yourself just be with Me.  

I Love you simply as you are. 
I love you when you don’t know how to fix things or cure your health. 

I Love you simply as you are. 

Have you forgotten, My will for you is happiness?
You don’t have to make anything happen.  
You get to just trust and allow my blessings and gifts to come to you.

There is nothing I require of you.  
There is no job or task you must accomplish. 
There is nowhere you must get to. 

This life I have loved you with is simply here for you to experience. 
As you remember, you are ever joined with Me,
then can you experience the bliss of knowing, there is nothing else.  

There is only My love in you to experience and exchange and realize your union with as far around you as the sky that enfolds you.

There is nothing but this…My love. 
All else is simply an imagining of the ego-mind trying to convince you otherwise.”

Janine says: “The plan (for a walk) that my ego had created got interrupted by the rain and suddenly, with this new awareness, there was no goal to reach.  There was just being.  It was then I felt the ego-mind go quiet and I relished the feeling, the freedom of simply being–without an agenda.  In an instant, there was nothing to fix and nowhere to get to. It was from within the stillness that I heard Love speak to me.”

Janine Miller-DeLany is a counselor, spiritual life-coach, and student of ACIM and ACOL. Learn more of her work and blog at