Thank You, Donald Trump

By Karči Cole Kňazovický

Try this: Instead of watching the Trump carnival every day, and instead of building up stronger and more solid images of him in yourself, allow your true feelings in response to Trump to come up.

Pause. Feel.

Simply step back. Let all feelings come up. Feelings, not reactions! Reaction is what he feeds on!

So what is the feeling? Did it come to you quickly? Did you name it? If so, then it’s not a true feeling, just a thought—a mental idea about a feeling. As ACIM says in Lesson 13, The ego rushes in frantically to establish its own ideas there, fearful that the void may otherwise be used to demonstrate its own impotence and unreality.

Go beyond the mental ideas about feeling. Rather, pause to find the deep, deep feeling, one that is even below the heart. Feel down, feeling even below what seem to be yourself. That’s what needs to shift for outer reality to change. Once you genuinely ask the question—What am I truly feeling? — it may take a while, even a few days, to be felt, because mostly only reactions come up at first. 

How does Trump make you really FEEL? If you feel sick in your gut, just allow it. I repeat: Don’t confuse feelings with reactions. When I say feelings I don’t mean the reactive thoughts we usually call feelings.

It’s important to connect with your true feelings. The ones that have no labels. Ones that emerge when we take time and allow space for them. Which is mostly never. Most of what people call feelings are just ideas in the mind. In my case, it took me three days to find my actual feeling regarding Trump.

Here is the real reason to ask Holy Spirit, or Source, or Loving Light to help us access the real feeling.

Remember ACIM Lesson Number 5? I am never upset for the reason I think. The purpose of that lesson is to demonstrate to yourself that you are never upset for the reason you think. Why am I really upset? The answer, which is a true feeling—the feeling that you have forgotten God, that feeling of separation from your true Self—has to emerge from deep within that part of us that only feels in order to be healed. True feelings are a place of no-thought. A place where there are hardly any past associations with this feeling. A place of the present moment: a now thing.

Then, when you actually really reach the real feeling, comes an important step —noticing the relationship you have with this arising feeling. Remember: It cannot be feelings, plural. If multiple feelings come, they are still just ideas in the mind. If there are many, they are just emotions masquerading as feelings. They are OK, but still not the real deal. The one true feeling has not been allowed to emerge. Only one.

When the one real feeling does emerge, it’s time to forget Trump! Focus on the feeling. If you are doing this correctly, you will see that the rejection of this feeling is what is causing you to interpret what you think is happening. Remember ACIM Lesson Number Two? I have given everything I see . . . all the meaning it has for me. This feeling is the cause of your grievance, which you have labeled Trump.

Mostly we push feelings down. It often happens even before we notice it. We disown them and project these denied aspects of ourselves. What we think we see is actually the parade of projections, blaming and seeing the faults of “others.” Yet the conflict is in us.

These held-down feelings need movement and life. If you successfully liberate this feeling, you will see that it is not your best friend, just as Donald Trump is not your best friend. It is how you feel about yourself, whether the feeling is rage or just the slightest twinge of annoyance. 

This is the relationship you have with yourself.

Have you ever gotten in touch with the intense fury mentioned in ACIM Lesson 21? That’s where the fun begins! Once again, denied fury or rage results in the world we see. What are they but feelings that remain denied, deep within, that never manage to be touched by the loving light we can so gracefully shine on everything else but them—these feelings that need it the most. 

Instead of actually feeling and taking responsibility for our own denied feelings, accepting and thereby healing them, we usually magnetize to ourselves projected images. We make new images of untruth every day. Every judgment makes a segment of the world we see.

Not this time! As said in A Course of Love (D:Day12.1): Now we listen to feelings. Now we listen to feelings and understand what they have to say to us. Now we listen with a new ear, the ear of the heart. Now we recognize the thoughts that would censor our feelings, calling them selfish, uncaring, or judgmental. We examine. And we realize it is our thoughts and not our feelings that are selfish, uncaring, or judgmental. We realize this because we realize the sacred space we have become. Our space is the space of unity. It is the space of ease because thoughts are no longer allowed their rule.

How do you know you have truly healed any images in your life that seems to be less than love? They simply cease to exist, or they no longer bother you at all. Practicing forgiveness is complete. You have forgiven the world. But if there is still a lot to forgive, the feeling aspect of the self has not been blessed by your presence yet, and your mind is not fully trained to forgive and release your past condemnations of your feeling self. The recognition and blessing of all feelings—their full forgiveness—allows the opportunity for the full power of Creation to be manifest.

As I said, it took me three days to find my actual feeling regarding Trump. And on the fourth day Trump vanished from my feed, my sphere, my life. Do I still see him? Yes, barely. But now there is no reaction to him. Just passing show. Slowly he is vanishing from my world because the CAUSE of Trump was identified. It had nothing to do with the image, or Trump himself, but that which manifested this effect. 

By the way, it would be wise to use this feeling process on everything that triggers us in life. This is true forgiveness. Be grateful to your triggers, as they will show you your blocks to Love’s presence.

Regardless of how you might feel about Donald Trump himself, it is always helpful to connect with the deeper feelings that we are not accustomed to feel or are conditioned to avoid feeling. Remember, mind is not all that we are. The feeling body is also part of the self that needs forgiveness—more than most of us realize. 

Karči (Cole) Kňazovický is a classical guitar teacher, composer, and performer, a couples therapist, and a professional facilitator of men’s groups and mixed gender polarity work with a focus on masculinity. Cole extensively explored deep feelings through channeled material called Right Use of Will and is also a long-term teacher of ACIM focused particularly on the Workbook as a means of feeling application. Cole says: “At first I read ACOL like a book, but at some point the book came alive in my feelings. How so? I don’t know. It just did. It began to translate into feelings and the feeling began to correspond. The inner Dialogue began.” Cole’s twelve year-old son, Juni, lives with him in a community near Byron Bay, Australia.

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It Has Begun

By Miguel Carvalho

The dawn
of the Kingdom of God,
a New Heaven and a New Earth,
the shift of the ages,
the return to love,
the prodigal’s return,
the end of the dream,
the return to original design,
the end of time as we have
known it,
the return to Reality,
the great awakening,
Unity consciousness,
the Time of Christ,

the greatest adventure,
beyond description
but not beyond feeling
and experience,
and knowing,

our final journey,
back to Oneness,
back to God,
back to love,
the final frontier,

the age of the god man/god woman.
Resurrection without dying
the elevation of the self of form,
the great transformation,
the return to original purpose,
of physicality,

the end of pain and suffering, disease and death,
the end of separation,
and absurdity,

an event without parallel
in the long brief history of time,

what beloved brother Jesus
with his mother Mary
announced, modeled
and demonstrated
not so long ago,

for what is 2000 years
in the span of millions,
or billions,
or eternity?

It invites us,
it needs us,
it calls to us

All are called,
all are chosen,
but only each one
can choose herself
or himself,
choose to join,

For only together
in unity and relationship,
can we fulfill,
the reason for our creation,
the purpose of existence,

what is simply obvious,
what was always inevitable,
the only certainty,

the NEW,

it is here.
it has begun.


Miguel Carvalho lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been trying to live the Course in Miracles since 1987 and now  A Course of Love for about five years. And grateful beyond words for ACOL. Miguel frequently posts his reflections and poems on  Facebook,  on the A Course of Love Companion Group and the Discovering A Course of Love group.