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Don’t Just Think Peace—Feel It!

By Evalyn Sorrentino


Years ago I was amidst a group of people surrounding a person who was a bearer of great light. Throngs of people surrounded her. I spent personal time with her opening homes for new mothers and their babies who had AIDS.

She was humble. She was strong.

She was a beacon of light, never judging anyone and seeking only equality for herself and others. She took no advantage of being this person. If someone wanted to treat her differently than the others, she would refuse their gift and instead would be asking that the same kindness be extended to everyone, or not at all. 

I literally felt something from her preceding her physical presence in my company so I would know she was coming. I wondered why few, if any, others could feel the same

Feelings are constantly emanating toward and from us. Very few people recognize these powerful body sensations because most people live in the world of their thoughts, which places them in the future or the past in thoughts, thus avoiding the present, where the peace and its sensation is. 

Unless we feel peace, we cannot feel the acrimony of our conflicting thoughts. 

Until we feel the acrimony generated by thoughts, emotions, judgments, and beliefs, we cannot really want peace because we think peace and fool ourselves.

It is essential to feel peace.

Patricia Pearce

Evalyn Sorrentino is a 21st century mystic. She can be contacted at the virtual yoga, meditation, and healing arts studio of