I Was Created to Be Loved
By Sebastian Blaksley

Editor’s note: This past year has been an extreme year for Sebastian Blaksley of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At Eastertime the book A Course of Love appeared before him miraculously with a powerful feeling that he was to bring its message to all of Latin America. See the story Miracles in Buenos Aires. A month afterwards, his body was suddenly incapacitated and in considerable pain, yet numerous medical tests revealed nothing wrong. This lasted for about two months, but early one morning, with a wave of energy, disappeared with equal suddenness. Sebastian knew that the experience was a gift so that he could relate more effectively to people who have suffered. Next he willingly gave up the company he founded to employees who wanted it. Later he moved into his parent’s home to take care and comfort them during an extreme family emergency. Throughout it all he has been hearing the voice of Jesus and others. In January he established the first-ever physical facility dedicated to ACOL, “Hogar Comunidad Un Curso de Amor,” or ” Community Home A Course of Love,” a place for people to come for longer or shorter times to “Live the Book.” What does it feel like to have spirit flow so fully? Before the holidays he wrote as follows.

I am walking on the path of what Life brings to me. Accepting and flowing even when life brings nothing. It is interesting to see that there is a time for abundance and a time for having nothing and receiving nothing in terms of human understanding. Maybe those times when we feel like nothing comes to us and the Universe is just in silence, are the times when we receive the most important gift ever: The gift of True Love and Companion of the Silence of Divine Mercy.

It is a feeling that walks through the memory of “the old,” and the true conviction of not going back to the past in any way. It is a feeling of a Great Expectation, something that the Heart knows is coming sooner or later but the mind cannot understand. A time of waiting. A time of expecting. A time of receiving nothing but at the same time it is an experience of a true certainty that I am blessed for God and all promises are already mine. There is nothing else to look for. Nothing to wait for. Nothing to expect, except for the Manifestation of the True Self.

I am in a time of being loved for God, nothing else. Nothing else. Just being loved and blessed as I have never felt before. It is a time that gives me the understanding of the reason why I was created: I was created to be Loved. Just that: TO BE LOVED — in other words, to Receive.

This is what we are: Receivers. Receivers of Love so Love can flow from The Fountain to our Self and from there to the rest of the Universe with one purpose: To Create a New Love. To create a New Creation of Love. So Heaven can come to our consciousness as it is: A world of infinite worlds. A Love of Infinite Love. A world of Silence. A world of no words. A world of wonders that cannot be spoken.

I feel myself immersed in a joy that is completely silent. As if my Self is looking at something that causes such a great admiration that the mind becomes silent, because my mind knows everything is OK. Everything will always be OK. We are always together with God, immersed in Him, creating and enjoying the Eternal New Creation we create. This is the admiration of my Soul. To be gifted by God with the capability of watching the Majesty of the Creation and the Divine Processes of Creation.

I hope everybody can understand and experience this: The greatest gift of God to us human beings is that he shares with us his power of Creation, and gives us the gift of participating in the Divine process of Creation as well as Creation Itself. Nobody and nothing gets into this deeper “part” of God except for human beings. This is what Jesus called the Holy Trinity, the Gift to participate in the Love of the Holy Trinity, a love that nobody can ever express in human words.

With Love, Sebastian

Your Silence in My Heart

By Elliott Robertson

O God,
how sweet it is to die into your arms.
My wish for every rook and pawn to fall
so only you remain has come to be.
Now light and love shall shine into
the corner of my house.
The shoji screen has disappeared,
no longer does it block my sight of you, O God. You undress each morning
and my heart is glad
to see you lift the sun.
You, Sweet One,
have placed your silence in my heart.
How sweet, O God, to lose the voices
of the queens and knights,
to be left only with your Word.
How sweet, O God,
to die before your feet,
to be no more than fragrance
wafting from the Rose,
to be the ear that hears you laugh,
the ear you need to make your joy complete.

Elliott Robertson lives in Philadelphia, PA. His most recent book of poems, Taken By Surprise, is available from the Kindle Store at Amazon. Searching the Kindle Store under the author’s name works best.