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Learning to Be 100 Percent

By Cay Villars


Many on the spiritual path have mentioned that there are “stepping stones” along the journey. At first, I didn’t understand. Over time I realized that when I am willing, the Holy Spirit provides the exact steps needed to help me find the way home to Love, the natural state of Peace and Joy. I have noticed over time that following those steps evolved from “not that important” to being 100% absolutely essential for the celebration of Divinity.

I had been studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for a few years when I heard from the Holy Spirit/Jesus that I was to drive to Dallas to visit another ACIM student. I also had a family reunion upcoming in New Orleans. It may seem like a rather long route from Houston to Dallas to New Orleans, yet I’ve learned that Holy Spirit does not follow the conveniences of the world.

In Dallas I was guided to join ACIM groups, yet there weren’t any nearby with the right timing to join during my stay in Dallas. What did “come up on the radar” was an A Course of Love (ACOL) group only a short distance from where I was staying. Even though I didn’t know anything about ACOL, I heard the call to go to this meeting. I see now that the only way to truly reap the fruits of the Holy Spirit is to follow even when you don’t know anything.

The group leader, Judy, and the ACOL group members were very welcoming.

As they read the text aloud, I could hear the beauty of ACOL.

Now that I am willing to hear Jesus clearly and fully, he tells me that he is behind the writing of this text as a helpful means to spiritual awakening.

The most important purpose of texts like ACIM and ACOL is to start a full conversation with Jesus/Holy Spirit. As he says about ACIM, “you have to forget the Course” because there can be a tendency to read a text over and over and completely miss a full grasp of the message! This is true of all spiritual texts. Once the conversation with Jesus/HS becomes the only Voice worth hearing, following the “book” is transcended. It becomes direct experience—the full meaning of the message is an unending celebration within.

There is nothing special about hearing Jesus. Jesus says it is natural to hear him and if we don’t, there is some desire not to hear that must be cleared/forgiven. The real question is, how devoted are we to following?

Jesus does not make one spiritual text “better” than another.

Each has an important purpose as long as he guides which text is used, how it is used, and its interpretation. There is nothing quite like having a direct conversation with Jesus about these texts! Many students have fallen into the trap of arguing over texts or what versions are to be used. Jesus merely states that it is always about following guidance (the steps) for what is most helpful for ceasing to deny inner Light.

The curriculum may seem to take many forms; ultimately, however, it is always the same—“Follow my lead”; “Cease to deny what you already are”; and “If you are willing, I will show you how you are denying who you are.”

I was guided to ACOL for a while, then he sent me to the Urtext of ACIM and other teachings that he dictated directly to me. His point is, “get the lesson!” He is always the one to know which text, what timing, and specifically how to use it most effectively to save time in spiritual awakening. Jesus taught me that the ego can use various texts and “spiritual programs” for a lot of mental gymnastics to avoid the atonement!

Many hear the Voice and write down his words. But he says it is rare to find one who will follow him without any compromise to an abiding awakening, or Choiceless Awareness.

I accepted the invitation to join the ACOL group again before leaving Dallas. In addition to discovering the beauty of ACOL and devoted mighty companions, there was another step. I shared with Judy that I was on my way to a family reunion and had no idea how I was going to cook grits for 80 people. She promptly gave me two crock pots that she was planning to give away! I drove to New Orleans and cooked grits for 80 people.

Next? HS said, “donate the crock pots to a food shelter!” HS led me to a stunning holy encounter with Pamela McKay, of God’s Unchanging Hands Feeding Ministry in Covington, Louisiana. When she dropped by to pick up the crock pots, Pam launched into a full “how to follow Jesus and all the benefits of following him” session! She shared how Jesus had told her to start the food pantry from scratch.

I was transfixed by her dedication and trust in following Jesus. Pamela knows of neither ACOL nor ACIM. What she has is the one thing that we all need, which extends beyond reading any spiritual text—the faith, trust, and commitment to fully follow without question the steps that Jesus gives.

What joy it was to email Judy and my ACOL mighty companions to share the holy encounter story of the crockpot that came full circle to Jesus.

Fully following Jesus without compromise is a celebration of complete joy. At first it did not seem practical to have him decide everything for me. Now it is the fulfillment of his promise that if we follow completely, and release all denials of Love, we are in full function celebrating all the Love there is.

Cay Villars

Cay Villars is a mystic and typed the text Jesus: A New Covenant as dictated by Jesus.

If you would like to learn how to ask Jesus for help with miracles, you can join her twice daily for joining sessions to be guided by him to miracles. You can reach her at