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Lightening Up, Body and Soul

By Lana Carolan


Jesus was giving me the following information as I was typing. At times it seemed as if Jesus was talking, and at other times, me.

Jesus: “Remember the hot and cold water flowing through and coming out of the same water spout.”

So this is a blend of Jesus/Me, or Jesus coming through me as me.

My experience: I felt myself spinning around as an electron or proton and that I was an atom, every atom, and ALL atoms, an eternity of atoms. I was twirling around and around as in a rainbow-colored tornado, yet it was as gentle as could be—utter peace and the glorious feeling of Love emanating all around me, consuming me fully, like fireworks sparkling, sparkles like diamonds falling all around me. I was one of them, whiter than white, brighter than bright. Pure gold—indescribable! He/we said:

“Everything is a degree or density of energy. Energy is eternal. Even a single atom, which is actually empty space, is energy. Energy is a single reality of Truth. The denser the energy, the slower the movement of energy, and the more seemingly solid is its manifestation. It is still all empty space, just atoms jammed closer together that give the illusion of solidity. Atoms are indestructible. They can be split but not destroyed. The first atom that began life is still present. The first “Adam” of life is still alive and well in creation.

“Awareness of embodiments do not represent a separate world.

The denser energies just hide it. As we literally ‘lighten up’ we become able to become aware of aspects of consciousness that are aware of other embodiments. Dense body forms can be occupied which seem to be consecutive (many forms back-to-back) and sequential (serially, one form following another), yet always simultaneous. It is the soul ‘lightening up.’

“As we lighten up while in form, our energy starts to reflect the actual purity of the Soul, and pieces start to fall into place. Veils fall. We recognize our inner light rays of being, as Jesus did. As we drop the denser bodies, we embody less dense ones. Embodiments become lighter and lighter until none are needed.

“All embodiments exist here and now in the forever of eternity. Lighter ones are aware of the denser ones. The so-called “departed” are not departed at all, they are just a lighter density and outside of our awareness. Yet they continue to be aware of us.

“Jesus’ initial transformation was to a light body at his resurrection but required no body at all after the Ascension.

“All ‘forms’ exist together in the unity of God. All form is energy, empty space seeming solid.

It is nearly impossible for dense body-like energies to see beyond themselves. Only the Atonement can accomplish this. As we undo, we ‘lighten up’ and we see and are seen with a new kind of clarity. Mental communication between embodiments is then possible. As you know, beautiful Child of Light, the lightest and most pure of all energy is love, what you call God. That is the ultimate Ascension: the pure energy of God, the spark of creation.”

Then I found my energy/consciousness in a lush and gorgeous garden and I am a part of it. Not in a human form, but in it/as it. There seems to be no delineation between the garden and my consciousness. I’m not sure exactly what I am—a ladybug? Maybe a flower? I have no idea, but my consciousness seems to be at an extremely high level of awareness. I know intuitively I am in God’s world, the world He loves and gave to us. A world He wants me to know, too.

The experience is sublime. The sights, scents, and sounds are glorious. There are other senses available here that I have no words for. I never want to leave. There are colors I’ve never seen before and can’t describe. Beautiful trees that are unimaginable. Animals peacefully travel about me and through me, with me, as me. This can’t be three dimensional. It’s like I’m inside a multi-faceted diamond. There are no words. This must truly be a part of Heaven. Feeling so safe, so loved and so free. (Jesus is smiling)

Jesus: “Continue non-resistance to energies, all energies. Stay light. (He winks.) Eat them up like PacMan transforming everything.”

I felt myself falling, but gently, like I had a parachute, falling back into something. I immediately felt homesick.

Jesus: “It is always home.”

Cay Villars

Lana Carolan has been a student of ACIM for about 40 years and, more recently, of ACOL. She says: “I mentor many students and it has been through them that I have come to recognize that giving and receiving are truly one.” Contact Lana via Facebook or email her at