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What’s New in August 2022

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From Courtroom to Classroom to Playground​!

By Scott Grace


I am writing this while in a playground. Where are you?

Pretend with me for a moment that there are only four places you can be on Earth at any given time: a prison, a courtroom, a classroom, or a playground.

The prison is where we go when we have convicted ourselves of a crime. To do this one must believe in their own guilt with conviction. If you are practicing a case against yourself, please do be careful of things like A Course in Miracles or A Course on Love. They might just make an ex-con out of you.

Within the prison lies a courtroom. This is where most of humanity currently resides, standing trial for their trials, never realizing that there is no judge outside of their own ego, unaware that they are being tried by a jury of their fears.

Come on in. Let’s take a look and listen. Can you hear it?

The prosecuting attorney is busy making sure there is plenty of evidence for your guilt, or, when that gets tiring, someone else’s. His job is to make sure your joyful inner child never escapes prison.

By the way, when your inner child is behind bars he becomes vulnerable to being abused by other inmates.

When we believe that punishment serves a good purpose, every one of us is behind bars, and we are all doing time.

Our defense attorney is also present, with plenty of evidence for your innocence. But usually the prosecution objects so loudly the defense lawyer goes unheard. Note that the dress code in the courtroom is quite formal and very uncomfortable.

On an aside, perhaps I can explain why aristocrats are actually voted in: Scared human egos are feeling powerless, out of control, and are in the market for anyone who promises to restore order in the court! Whether it be Hitler or someone more recently, the promise of more order in the court is what seduces us into choosing a leader drunk with power.

Let’s take a recess. The schoolroom is open. Class is in session. The classroom is where we go to learn lessons, take tests, and continue to higher education. Bring on A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, A Course on Love, Choose Only Love, and many other disciplines and practices.

Study, study, study!

Perhaps it’s time for a study break. The playground is where we learn our Earth lessons at lightning speed. That is why babies gobble up languages so fast. They are not trying to learn. Joy is their classroom. We can all be happy learners.

The only tool needed to go from one location to a more desirable one is awareness. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where are you right now? Come on in. Let’s take a look.

Cay Villars

Scott Grace travels the illusory world sharing his music, humor, and automatic transmissions via Zoom and in person. He is the author of Teach Me How To Love, and Oh the Places Your Ego Will Go. His ACIM-inspired songs can be enjoyed on Spotify under his old name, Scott Kalechstein. He has a life coaching practice, and moonlights as a spiritual stand-up comedian.