The Intimacy:
Jesse Speaks

By MaryBeth Scalice

Note: The following poem in two parts was channeled from Jesus, whom MaryBeth knows as “Jesse.”


The Invitation

Here in lies
the word.
It is for you,
To those who
But linger in
the ache
That cries out
for God.

Because you
have opened it,
It will be given
to you
To keep and
to share
Because you have
sought for Love.

Love has answered.

Love seeks your
faith now;
Faith in Love
to give you
what you seek.

Faith in Love
to fulfill you.

Faith to designate
your Purpose
and complete the work
of your lifetime.

Faith in Love
to love you
unto peace.

Love wishes
to give you everything.
But you must give
your faith to Love
to receive It.

It is no idle thing
asked of you.
It is God
asking you
to enter into
Holy Relationship
With Him/Her
Through the one
called Christ.

Will you read on?
Will you say yes?
Will you close your eyes
in this moment
and feel your heart leap
with the wanting
for these words
to be true?

These words may
bless you
as the first words
you have ever truly heard.

Let your heart
absorb them.
Let your mind
open to them.
Let your being
be filled with wonder.
Let Me be trusted
by giving your faith to them
as possibility.
You need do nothing.

I don’t wish to take
anything from you.
I want to give to you
incomprehensible joy.

I will to make My Love
known to you.
I want you to experience
       The Love of your Life.

The love you were created
to know
to be
to give.


This is your invitation.







Please put this
down now.
Don’t rush ahead.
Forgive the impulse
to finish, to hurry,
to be in the future.

Faith in Love
requires patience.
Faith and patience
are two birds
singing one song,
two tufts of thread
woven into one rope.

This is given
to be savored
To be digested slowly
and completely;
Each word a gift,
forming a part
of your awakening.

Your anticipation
is welcomed.
I welcome enthusiastic
and motivated learners.
But if you truly are motivated,
you will wait,
quietly thinking
about the invitation
that has been extended.

If you truly are motivated
to experience the Love of your Life,
surely you are willing
to give a day’s faith
to these words?
and begin again tomorrow,

You will see,
Love is like a rising sun.
It does not come upon you
like lightening,
Shocking you to death!

It appears simply
as a glow on the horizon,
great rays streaming
out of darkness,
gently falling upon the world
until the world is completely caressed
in Light.

So it is
that the work for this first day
Is offered as
a nibble, a peek,
a dawning.

Please sit with wonder
at the coming of the great Sun
which will soon enough
melt your heart
into iridescent
blushing Light;
the Light in Whom
Lilies bloom.

MaryBeth Scalice, M.A., Ed.D., views her life as a living-breathing poem of God. Many years ago, her heart opened, her listening deepened, the breath fell away, and divine union was realized. Through this union, MaryBeth came to experience the Voice for Love. Its invitation has been to listen, to write and share the words that fulfilled her life. MaryBeth is a counselor, writer and teacher trained in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her work integrates psychology with spirituality, offering transformational heart-centered therapies for health, and self-realization. She created the Foundation of Open Hearts, and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write.

Immersion Challenge:
Experience “The Forty Days” in the 40 Days
of Lent —
Starting Wednesday!


The forty days of Lent offer an ideal opportunity to go deeper into the “Forty Days and Forty Nights of ACOL–doing one Day each day. Susan Bernardini, ACOL’s able Facebook Companion Group guide,  will be posting a short synopsis of each Day and hosting the event. (Not a member? Just go to the Companion Group and click on the blue “Invite” button.) We will also be drawing upon Laurel Elstrom’s Love on the Mountain: A Guide to Self-Discovery, a book that uses ACOL’s Forty Days as a framework for exploration. Laurel’s book is full of self-inquiry questions, life stories, and guided meditations that encourage a deep dive into The Forty. See below for two Practices and a Guided Meditation from Laurel’s book.



The following Practice and Guided Meditation are reprinted with permission from Love on the Mountain: A Guide to Self-Discovery by Laurel Elstrom.

Practice #22:
Living in the Hologram

What if you are actually living in a hologram of your own creation? What if your body/mind is the avatar symbol you took on for this adventure? What if everything you experience is actually created within you and projected out onto the hologram? What if your experience is the greatest sci-fi adventure you can imagine?

In the television series, “Star Trek,” the starship’s personnel enjoyed adventures on what they called a “holodeck.” Individuals entered into virtual reality worlds for entertainment, training, and relaxation purposes. They took on characters and roles in order to participate in complex and realistic computer programs. They knew intellectually that the stories, characters, and environments were simulated, but the simulation was so realistic they sometimes got lost in the programs.

You, too, were lost in a virtual reality. You, too, mistook yourself to be a character in a story. Until you’re finished with it, the hologram continues. You can enjoy your simulated world without being trapped by it. It’s your individualized interactive program!

Try living your daily life from this perspective. Imagine that everything you experience is your own virtual creation. Whenever you feel pulled into life’s dramas, return to this perspective. Open your mind to observe what is happening with curiosity.

Could you be living in your own responsive hologram?


Guided Meditation
#5: Discovering Your Essential Nature


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. In this meditation, you are going to explore your fundamental nature. What is it like in your essential mind? Begin by turning your awareness toward your body sensations. Notice whatever experience is showing up in your body. Allow your attention to move from one physical sensation to the next, however it wants.

Now turn your attention toward your emotional state. Become aware of your feelings without trying to name them. Notice if your experience stays in one place or if it changes.

Observe the coming and going of all phenomenon. See if any experience stays the same. Whatever comes and goes can’t be your essential nature. Nothing that changes is your essential nature. Try to identify the essential, unchanging nature behind all phenomenon.

Dismiss any activity having to do with the past or the future. Don’t follow any thoughts. Allow anything that is changeful in nature to flow on past as you remain with that which stays the same. Let your mind rest in this natural state and observe it. Notice its clear and luminous nature. It is empty, but it is alive. It still exists without any concepts. Rest in the clear aliveness of pure awareness for a few minutes. This is your essential nature. When the experience feels complete, open your eyes and go about your day. Remember this place. You can return to it whenever you choose because it does not change or move.


Practice #30: Looking for Love
in All the Right Places


In this moment, deeply enter your experience. Look to see if love shows itself. When you breathe, is something reaching out to you? Look at objects around you. Is love extending itself to you through them? Allow all experience to come without interference as you look for love in all of it. Is God reaching out to you through this? Can you recognize love in this?

Practice looking for love in your experience throughout each day. Remember that the necessary components of joining are two: your own extension, as you reach out toward experience, and the reception of attribute-less love extended to you through your experience. Test it continuously.