I saw this in my reading the other day and thought to post it with no commentary. It really moved me.  (It is slightly edited.)


8.1       What you give you will receive in truth.  What you do not receive is a measure of what you withhold.  Your heart is accustomed to giving in a way that your mind is not.  Your heart…knows of giving and of a return not based on the world of your mind or of physical circumstance.  Despite disappointments most severe, your heart knows that what you give you receive in truth.

8.2       As the awareness of your withholding dawns upon your heart, you will begin to realize what you do not give, and with that realization, what you have to give.

8.4       In order to identify yourself in this world, you have had to withhold a piece of yourself and say of this piece, “This is what makes me uniquely who I am.”  Without this piece of yourself that you have determined to be unique, your existence would seem to serve even less purpose than it does now.  Thus that which is most separate, or that which you have determined separates you the most, is that which you value most highly.

8.5       This one thought constitutes a thought system in and of itself, for it is the primary thought by which you live your life.  Your effort goes into maintaining this illusion that what you are must be protected, and that your protection rests on holding this piece of yourself separate.  Like the love you set aside from this world, this thought too is one that can be used, for it recognizes that you are as apart from this world as love is.  The harsh realities of the world may claim your body and your time, but this one piece of yourself that you have set aside you allow it not to claim.  This piece is held within your heart, and it is this piece with which we now will work.

8.6       This is the piece that screams never to that which would beat you down.  Life is seen as a constant taking away and this, you claim, will never be taken from you.  For those whose lives are threatened, it is called the will to live.  For those whose identity is threatened, it is called the cry of the individual.  For others it is the call to create, and for still others the call to love.  Some will not give up hope to cynicism.  Others label it ethics, morals, values, and say this is the line I will never cross.  It is the cry that says, “I will not sell my soul.”

8.7       Rejoice that there is something in this world that you will not bargain with, something you hold sacrosanct.  This is your Self.  Yet this Self that you hold so dear that you will never let it go is precisely what you must be willing to freely give away.  This is the only Self that holds the light of who you are in truth, the Self that is joined with the Christ in you.

8.8       To this Self is this appeal put forth.  Let it be heard and held within your heart.  Hold it joyously alongside what already occupies your heart — the love you set aside and the piece of yourself that you won’t let go.  As you learn that what you give you will receive in truth, you will see that what abides within your heart is all that is worthy of your giving and all you would receive.