What To Do When Disaster Strikes

By the Holy Spirit through Beth Geer


Editor’s Note: In the past few days this message arose unexpectedly from within to Beth Geer from an inner voice she refers to as the Holy Spirit. Its guidance is consistent with the experience of Dr. Rod Chelberg, whose message also appears in this Newsletter. 

When disaster strikes somewhere in the world, fear is the first thing to enter your mind and heart.

When a world leader says or does something you wholeheartedly disagree with, fear and anger is the first thing to enter your mind and heart.

What should you do the moment you notice this? What action, thought, and deed can you take to correct your discomfort and eliminate your fear? How can you best help the world and heal your own suffering in response to it?

I tell you this: Fear cannot be corrected with fear. This may sound like common sense to you, but I assure you, if you truly believed the above statement, you would never make another decision lead by fear again.

Let us look at it this way: If a neighbor fell down into a deep dark hole, would it make sense to jump down and join him there? No. For there you would be, two fine companions stranded in darkness and misery together. Rather, the better choice would be to stay on the high ground and seek the help of an Elder Brother Who knows how to rescue such people who have fallen into the dark.

I am that Elder Brother. It is My wise counsel and Perfect Help you should seek when you witness that another has fallen down into a deep dark hole in thought and deed.

Therefore, when you hear a world leader speak in ways that make your heart fill with hate and rage, do not join him down in the dark hole. Do not respond to hate with hate, fear with fear.

When you witness world catastrophes, disease, and war in the world around you, do not join the world down in the dark hole. For fear only begets more fear.

The moment you notice your thoughts falling, cease everything. Do absolutely nothing for just a moment.

Then reach out to Me. Even the slightest effort will bring results. Hear My Voice amidst the storm and know: Nothing beyond yourself can make you feel fearful because there is nothing but My Love.

All else is a distraction set up by the ego to keep your mind focused on fear. Do not fall for this! Do not allow yourself to fall down the dark hole with the rest of the world in fear. When you find this happening, you can literally say to your thoughts, “Get behind me now! I want no part of this and will go instead and seek the Help of God.” For only God’s Word can correct the error of fear.

Your part is to step aside and allow God’s Word to come through you into the world and reach out to all whom are lost down the deep dark hole.

You step aside when you remember you do not want to jump down the hole with your neighbor, and must instead seek help from One Who knows what to do.

And then a miracle will happen.

A miracle happens when you allow God’s Love to extend through you.

And what must you do to allow God’s Love to extend through you?

You join your will with God’s Will. God’s Will is that you intentionally extend His Love to the problem, person, or disaster in question. In essence, you love your “enemy” in whatever form your fear may take.

This is God’s Will.

Love God’s Love within all living things.

You do not have to love what another’s ego is saying or doing. You do not have to love the disaster. But you are being asked to love the Love that binds all living things beyond what your eyes behold.

It is His Will that you extend His Love to all the world; and when you join His Will there is nothing that cannot be healed, no disaster that cannot be averted and no person who cannot be drawn up out of the deep dark hole.

Let all judgment be set aside.

You have no idea how the person fell down into the hole. You have no idea how the disaster came to be. But now you are witness to it, and the ego would have you consumed and distracted with a myriad of forms of fear over it. All because the ego cannot have you consumed with God’s Love, for in God’s Love it would be completely dissolved and rendered impotent.

Become an active participant is saving others through loving them and refusing to join them in their misery.

Love holds no grievances. You must become as Love is.

It may be difficult at first to adapt to being Love. This idea of yourself is completely foreign to your ego-self and you have spent plenty of time down in your own dark hole. Though painful and terrifying this dark hole has been, it is at least a familiar place and it can be difficult to leave the familiar behind you – even if it is painful.

Yet, would you not be willing to relinquish your grievances if for one moment you truly believed that by doing so you would find peace?

A grievance is a form of fear. By holding onto it, you are holding onto fear and remaining trapped down in the dark hole with your neighbor. A neighbor you may say you also despise and desperately want to correct but only find you are both miserable in this state.

Fear can only be corrected with Love.

Therefore, if there is a world leader you despise, or an environmental calamity on the horizon, or illness sweeping across the world, do this:

First, do nothing. Become completely still and cease all thoughts of fear for just a moment.

In this space of your small willingness to consider an alternate choice in seeing the world, a miracle will come.

Second, allow the miracle to move forward through you as you step aside and let God’s Will be done.

God’s Will is Love.

Let your mind rest for a moment on your heart where Love is felt. Listen very closely to the feelings of your heart when you have ceased to think about the horrors of the world.

You will find there a tiny space of peace that, if given to God, can be expanded.

Your true Being is in perfect Unity with the peace of God.

Your true Home is in perfect Unity with all living things.

None of what you think upsets you is your true Home or your true state of Being. This is why it causes you so much distress. It literally contradicts Who You Are. And it is quite liberating to let it all go. It feels quite peaceful in fact.

Now, move into this feeling of inner peace. Allow it to expand from your heart and reach out into the world. Send it to the world leaders you despise. Send it to the natural disasters and the illnesses that threaten the world with death and disease.

Now you are doing something to help rescue those who have fallen down the deep dark hole. You are sending out a lifeline of peace and love – a thought of Unity in God’s Love with them – to heal and correct the fear that sent them down the hole to begin with.

You are merging with the Christ-consciousness that encompasses all living things, protecting us all within It’s Loving Embrace. Through this merging you are joining God’s Will of Unity for all humanity.

And together, you and God and all of us in Unity will emerge from the dark together, unharmed and healed of all pain and suffering.

Fear will be no more. The deep dark hole will no longer exist. For it will be filled with God’s Love.

Do this, and you will save the world, for you will have quietly and gently overcome fear with God’s Love.

There is nothing in the entire world to fear, for God’s Love is all there is. You rest in the Heart of God. This is your true state of being. Bring your mind here and you will be Home. Amen

Beth Geer is the author of Awakening To One Love, a compilation of  inner conversations with the Holy Spirit. She is currently working on a second book of teachings from the Holy Spirit. For more information go to www.awakening2onelove.com.

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Be Calm and Allow God

By Dr. Rod Chelberg

As an intensive care and emergency room physician for decades, I followed all of the same steps as outlined by Holy Spirit through Beth Geer. Whenever I saw a trauma patient come in, amongst all the frantic activity that occurs, the first thing I must do is not to react to the appearance of what my eyes show me, but rather take a step back and calm down. God can only be heard in the quiet.

Rodney Chelberg - ACOL Reader

When I still my mind, I then feel the presence of Christ. Many times I can see him on my right side as well. I listen to what he says and pass this on to my crew.


In other words, no matter what you see with your eyes, it is not real. It is an illusion and a distraction. Don’t join with it. Rather, step back and allow God’s love to flow through you into the darkness of the illusion. The light that shines through you is really quite beautiful to behold. The light from the patient and others is usually dulled by their veil of fear. When they see your light, theirs brightens up and harmonizes with you.


Then a miracle occurs. God’s light shining within you shines away their darkness. This is how healing works. Just step back, listen, join with God’s will, and let God lead the way. When our ego mind thinks we know what to do more than God does, disasters usually result.


It takes just one person to influence in a positive way all those around. I refuse to let the situation have power over me and I refuse to abide in fear. Ultimately, this all distills down to the fact that the ego wants me to believe that God and I are separate. Therefore I refuse to abide in the thought that I am separate from God.


Dr. Rod Chelberg has a long history of being guided by Jesus in the ER as well as with hospice patients. He relates his many experiences in medicine and also his meetings with God in “When God Calls, Say “Yes!”