Lilies as good as fireworks!

Lilies as good as fireworks!

“I know everybody’s in a bad mood about the country. But the more time you spend in the hardest places, the more amazed you become. There’s some movement arising that is suspicious of consumerism but is not socialist. It’s suspicious of impersonal state systems but is not libertarian. It believes in the small moments of connection.” David Brooks, New York Times columnist.

In the U.S.A., it is the “July 4th Weekend.” Independence Day. A celebration of having broken away from tyranny and gained the freedom to start anew. Spotting this editorial in my local Pioneer Press newspaper, I was inspired by two things: labels not fitting, and moments of connection bringing hope and amazement.

With the exit of Britain from the European Union, the political and social implications of separation versus union are being widely discussed. In A Course of Love, the personal, spiritual and universal effects of separation versus union are highlighted.

We’re looking for a new freedom now and, with A Course of Love, have begun to cast aside the old labels that were used for it, as well as the means of our approach. As we come to the end of the first book of this course, there’s an implication that we’ve realized we can only “come to ACOL 2nd edition softknow” through relationship.

If you can only come to know your Self through relationship, you can only come to know God through relationship. Christ is the holy relationship that exists between all and God, providing the bridge that spans the very concept of between and provides for the connection of unity. Thus your relationship with Christ always was and always will be. Your task here is to come to know that relationship once again. C:27.8

This is why this Course has not concentrated on your thinking. Again you are bidden to turn to your heart for the truth that is hidden there yet waiting to be revealed. Your heart knows of unity and knows not any desire to be alone and separate. Your heart understands relationship as its source of being. You are not separate from your Source. C:27.12

declarationi 7.3.16The quote below strikes me today like the “unalienable rights” delineated in the Declaration of Independence. In A Course of Love, this “right” is the inner yearning that leads to choosing anew, and the under-standing that connection rather than isolation or alienation is integral to the choice. All are chosen. Each and all face the now or later choice, and find eventually, that the choice for knowing Self, and knowing God is the same.

The choice that lies before you now concerns what it is you would come to know. The question asked throughout this Course is if you are willing to make the choice to come to know your Self and God now. This is the same as being asked if you are willing to be the chosen of God. This is the same question that has been asked throughout the existence of time. Some have chosen to come to know themselves and God directly. Others have chosen to come to know themselves and God indirectly. These are the only two choices, the choices between truth and illusion, fear and love, unity and separation, now and later. What you must understand is that all choices will lead to knowledge of Self and God, as no choices are offered that are not such. All are chosen and so it could not be otherwise. But at the same time, it must be seen that your choice matters in time, even if all will make the same choice eventually. T4:1.11

In Day 15 of The Dialogues, Jesus says that you may enter a time of walking alone. (D:Day15.27) The manifestations of union and separation do not always take the same form. Connection allows for individuation and a union that exists without becoming a ruling body or ruling the body of humanity. Our choice isn’t concerned with one religion, or way, or country over another. Those are the external manifestations.

The choice is an inner choice, a choice for the connection that reveals the truth of who we are in unity and relationship.

Jesus asks us to turn to our hearts to find the connection that has always existed between Self and God, and then to embrace that relationship with all, as God is so clearly in each and all. Jesus tells us that in this way, each of us will find truth, love, and unity. . . . now rather than later.