What You Can Expect:

Here is a listing (by day) of the live, interactive sessions and pre-recorded videos that will be available to you FREE during the ACOL Global Conference December 1-3 (and for purchase if you want Extended Access after the conference).

The LIVE conference sessions give us an opportunity to join with others around the world ‘in real time’ for portions of the conference! A true joining of hearts! These events will be recorded and made available to you as well. The pre-recorded sessions cover a wide variety of topics and will greatly enrich your experience and appreciation of A Course of Love.

The numbering system below provides a suggested viewing order. The numbering may be subject to change if additional recordings are made.

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DAY 1 – Saturday, December 1


* * * LIVE EVENTS * * *


Be sure to register so that you receive the links to connect to these live sessions.

Note that all live events will be recorded and made available post-conference to those who purchase the Extended Access conference package.


Opening Session
11:00 am (11:00) CST / 5:00 pm London (90 min)

Question & Answer w/ Mari Perron & James Kelly
3:00 pm (15:00:00) CST / 9:00 pm London (90 min)




Once you have pre-registered, you will also have FREE ACCESS
to the following pre-recorded sessions for 36 hours

(from 21:00 CST on Friday, November 30 until 9:00 CST on Sunday, December 3)

 The one exception is the Dialogue in Spanish (español),
which will be available throughout the conference.
See Below for the Spanish session, La vida transformada / Life transformed

NOTE: James Kelly is the conference host and is in dialogue in most of the recorded sessions. Videos are about one hour in length.

1. Hear Your Call

Mari Perron

  •      Different types of calls
  •      Doubt, denial and waiting
  •      A personal response from Jesus to Mari’s questions

2. The Grace Trilogy  (1994-1997)                                                    

Mari Perron / Mary Love / Julieanne Carver

  •      Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. The power of being who you are.
  •      Friendship as a spiritual path. The value of story.
  •      The prelude, for Mari, to A Course of Love as she channeled the angel Peace

3. Spirit Sisters   (1998-99)                                                          

Mari Perron / Mary Love / Julieanne Carver

  •    Dreams, visions, healing
  •     Mary’s dream alerts Mari to her call
  •    “You can’t go on with your thinking mind” – Prelude to “The Embrace” (Chapter 20)

4. ACOL’s History (2001-14) 

Mari Perron

  •      An intimate exploration of ACOL through the various editions of the books beginning in 2001
  •      Mari shares the room in which she received and scribed A Course of Love
  •      The way of reception and of direct experience

5. Pioneers of A Course of Love    (2002-03)              

Mari Perron / Earl Purdy / Sajit Greene / Terry Widner

  •      The symbiosis of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love
  •      Real examples of living a new way
  •      Dedicate all thoughts to union

6. Be Confident in Your Vulnerability (2002)

Mari Perron

  •      Exploration of “Dialogue Unveiled” received by Mari after the Course
  •      Discernment
  •      Clarity about embracing form

7. Observations From Witnessing Mari’s Experience of ACOL

Mary Love / Christie Lord

  •      Putting the receiving in perspective as a powerful experience
  •      The conviction, dedication and devotion of such an experience—and its effects
  •      Why it matters to understand the nature of the experience

8. The Power of Place. The Practice of Contemplation

Mari Perron

  •      A bird’s eye view of where Mari continues to meet Jesus
  •      Be brought into the mood of mystery and hear of the imaginal realm
  •      Realize the sacred can be found anywhere and how essential it is to make it your experience and to Create the New

9. The Heartbeat of the World

Coralie Pearson

  •      The web of life is being woven, and holds everyone within it
  •      Nourishment and nurturing come from giving and receiving as one
  •      “What I bring enriches you; what you bring enriches me”

10. Creation of the New

Mari Perron / Christie Lord

  •     The She of Humanity
  •     Two-ness
  •     Loving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

La vida transformada / Life transformed          

Coralie Pearson, Miguel Bini, Sebastian Blaksley

  •    Vivir en unión y relación acompañados de Un Curso de Amor / Living in union and relationship in the company of A Course of Love
  •    Dar paso al asombro y la reverencia soltando la necesidad de planificar / Making way for amazement and reverence by letting go of the need to make plans
  •    El sufrimiento y las relaciones especiales desde otra perspectiva / Suffering and special relationships from another perspective

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