DAY 3 – Monday, December 3


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Dialogue & Sharing: The Time of Tenderness
with Mari Perron & James Kelly
11:00 am (11:00) CST / 5:00 pm London (90 min)

Closing Session
3:00 pm (15:00) CST / 9:00 pm London (90 min)




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23. Mari Perron about Helen Schucman and more

Mari Perron

  •      Mari’s role now
  •      Beyond the books
  •      Message from Jesus to Mari in 2005 about making God real in the world by being yourself

24. The Given Self    (2008-09)

Mari Perron

  •      Hear of Mari’s very personal 2009 book on the nature of the given Self, including commentary on ACIM
  •      The new “givens” come to replace learning: talents, ideas, imagination, inspiration, instinct, intuition, vision, and calling
  •      Recognize your “givens” and that your body is being transformed into the perfect vehicle for the realization of the elevated Self of form

25. Companionship of Two Sisters

Mari Perron / Christina Strutt

  •      Falling apart before finding your true Identity
  •      The stages of the journey -how to accept freedom
  •      Mari Perron and Christina Strutt share how their relationship saved them both!

26. Heart-Opening Dialogue

Mari Perron / Helen Burke / Rhetta Morgan

  •      Unlearning what we have assimilated
  •      Racism healed
  •      The feminine model as a correction
  •      Voices of Rhetta and Lady in song

27. Discover Your Full Self in Dialogue

Mari Perron and Mary Love

  •      Beyond conformity
  •      Everyone is original
  •      Fully owning your power

28. Dialogue is Like Cooking Together

Jackie Lesser / Susan Bernardini / Lars Gimstedt

  •      Telepathic communication or silent dialogue
  •      The heart breath
  •      How to transform anger

29. A Zoom panel on Zoom-based ACOL gatherings

Joe Kittel / Lynn Kidd / Cole Knazovicky

  •      Introduce ACOL ‘students’ to Zoom; “see” what such a gathering looks like
  •      Share our collective experience with Zoom-based gatherings: emotional impact and insights gained
  •      Discuss the role that Zoom is playing in enabling the worldwide ACOL movement – how it fosters dialogue

30. The Unity of A Combined ACIM / ACOL Group

Mari Perron / Joan Harrington / Joe Kittel / Leda Robertson / Theo O’Connor / Sudie Shipma / Steve Raypole / Barbara and Clyde Kindred / Sarah Gallwey, Huib Stroomberg / Barbie Edwards / John Betz

  •     A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love being experienced “together”
  •     The pioneer group in meeting in this combined way
  •      Seeing the relationship between ACIM & ACOL in the living of their lives

31. Learning in the Time of Christ

Mari Perron

  •      Is learning needed?
  •      It’s hard to give up effort!
  •      Direct experience

32. A Celebration of Poetry and Song

Mari Perron / Rhetta Morgan / Helen Burke (Lady) / Michael Mark / Elliott Robertson

  •        New poems
  •        A new call and response from Mari and Rhetta
  •        Accepting all feelings in a creative expression of the new

33. Creativity – The Human and the Divine

Christina Strutt / Michael Mark

  •      Letting go of creative ideals
  •      The “ultimate collaboration”
  •      Channeling and creation

34. The Way of Mary

Mari Perron / Mary Love / Christie Lord

  •        What Jesus is saying about the time in which we stand, and the feeling evoked
  •        What’s new about the Way of Mary?
  •        The implications of a feminine way



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