Of Course It’s Love

By Jeff Gilbert

Editor’s note: Jeff is young in body yet remarkably mature spiritually. At three years of age he spontaneously, ecstatically, accepted Jesus. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Philosophy from San Diego Christian College, lived in a charismatic community laying hands on people for healing, led a program for the homeless, and much more. Please see below for more about Jeff.

I can’t help but express.

Jesus says, right near the beginning of A Course of Love, “You who want to accomplish much good in the world, realize only you can be accomplished.” How do we understand this in light of the principle of A Course in Miracles, that “I must do nothing”? How does this work with the Renaissance that is evolving? How do I see a kid dying in Africa, or a homeless person on the street, and know that their soul is powerful and perfectly choosing this? Jesus says that the time we are in is the “creation of the New.” And I am starting to see what “the New” means.

Back to the orphan kid in Africa, which in my opinion is what this is all about. I went to my first ever A Course of Love sharing group last night – I guess I’m an initiate now! We read from Chapter 18 of the Third Treatise, “A Treatise on the Personal Self,” and 18.6 sums it up:

“If you observe health rather than disease, abundance rather than poverty, peace rather than conflict, happiness rather than sadness – disease, poverty, conflict and sadness will be no more real to your brothers and sisters than it is to you.”

Or as Paul said in 2 Corinthians: “I see no one after the flesh but the Spirit.”

“Observation” means something special in ACOL. It defines “observation” as the ability to see the Truth in whatever is observed – and to join with what is observed in relationship. And therefore “your observance of the truth of your brothers and sisters is the miracle.” By observation we allow others, at the cellular level, to come into their fullness. This is a miracle, yet it is simply seeing the Truth – the Christ that we all are. This is the “do nothing yet observe” ACIM/ACOL principle which moves mountains.

And sometimes you just feel like exploding with creative light! You become an expression of truth (love). Your expression itself makes miracles:

“Your observance of your brothers and sisters will return remembrance to their minds and hearts, It is in fact, your observance of the truth of your brothers and sisters that is the miracle . . .” 18.4.

As the water is filled up, you can’t help but overflow. You can’t help but reach out your hand to help. When you see another as your self (and you actually love your self) you can’t help but love them.

I have found when I don’t “try” to do, but just “allow” my heart to be filled, then doing comes naturally. I’m not trying to conform to some outer image – even one as good as Jesus. I simply allow the mirroring to bring me into my full stature. Then “to have all give all to all” (as it says in ACIM) becomes natural. Not by thinking about it, but by allowing. In 1 John it says, “when we behold God as He (or She) is we will be as He is.”

I guess all this is to say (to myself), don’t hinder an expression for the sake of trying to conform to an image – an image of God, or Nirvana, or solidarity. We are the way, the truth, and the life, and it is in our living and moving and having our being that God is seen on earth as in heaven. Not only action but our very awareness itself is creative. As ACIM says, “you are all creating all the time.” On the other hand I have noticed how I can be too focused on Spirit (or thought) and not see the value of the physical deed. If you feel a movement within you to give, then “be a joyful giver” for the joy is in the extension itself. For “light workers” our greatest obstacle (I know it’s mine) is to allow the creative Spirit perfect reality to naturally move from the mountaintop to level ground. But good news! “As a man thinketh so is He.”

As we become aware of who we are, we can’t help but be the love we behold in our brothers and sisters too. It truly is a carousel of energy! By constantly beholding the Christ in our neighbor, beyond sickness and poverty and sadness, we are acknowledging the One that we are. In this pure awareness healing takes place. Disease dissolves in both you and the “other.” In and out. Up you observe, down you do. This “dance” is the cosmic birth of creation. Thought moves to deed moves to thought. Always evolving on the edge. Like a dance where two partners are expressing in the movement, the bliss is found. There is no right, just growth. Electro – the masculine moving; magnetism – the feminine receiving. Electro-magnetism.

The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe, speaks of God who is light, and yet within time dives into the dark. God (which we are) dives to find a pearl. The diving is the thought – non-material – and the pearl is the material, or action. Now here is the secret: this action of diving is in fact the sand that etches and a new pearl is formed. We are birthing Christ. I feel our effort to have clear observance – unknowing of what to do, awkward in our movements, all an effort to express the entirety of our Godhead into form – is actually what births the New.

This is the observance, which by its very nature allows miracles to spring forth. By beholding God we become God – the Christ that we are – and in turn naturally express. All to do it all over again. For this is the nature of love: to express, extend, re-integrate, and allow the energy to build to a crescendo. The light cannot be held in. We truly are a sunbeam to the sun. Let there be light.

Note: In addition to his many adventures, Jeff says: “Recently my focus had been on A Course in Miracles which I studied intently (listened through about 30 times), read through it a couple times and did the workbook twice. It resonated with all my Bible knowledge but spoke to the Love of God as being all there is. This was amazing. Conversations with God greatly took the pressure off of me having to do anything for a god and put the power of choice back in my hands. The Way of Mastery did exactly that. Empowered me to be a master. A Course of Love holds a unique place, not that it is greater than any of these works, but almost less, in the sense that it leads to the end of learning. It is this completion that feels as if it holds open a door to all past learning and encounters, and opens a door to the New which is meant to be spontaneously expressed. As I go on this journey I have been listening to my soul more. Honoring the “little things” of life like caring for my dog Caspian. Now I am camped up on Mount Shasta, excited for the where the next wind will blow my sails.”



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By Paula Hardin

The Atlantic is gentle 
I’m the only one here 
Predawn magic 
Offers itself 

No longer alone 
Quietly we wait 
Cameras ready 
We nod to one another 
— Dogs too 

It’s the season when 
Pre-historic mamas rise 
From the night sea 
(I feel them in my bones) 
Dig turtle nests 
Lay turtle eggs 
And lumber back, exhausted 
Leaving turtle tracks in the sand 
Mute testimony 

My heart fills, lifts 
Readied now 
For this day 
A day to channel Love 
In our precious, often suffering 

Paula Payne Hardin appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show when her first book, “What Are You Doing With the Rest of Your Life? Choices in Midlife” appeared in 1992. She is also the author of “Love After Love: Stages of Loving” (1996). Hardin directed Midlife Consulting Services and the David K. Hardin Generativity Trust in Chicago. Hardin has trekked around the world from the Himalayas to Zimbabwe. Now an Elder, she enjoys kayaking, cats, writing, and her extended family.