Here in Minnesota, I often look out in the late afternoon and see that the sun, held in a gloomy pre-evening sky, looks exactly like the moon. It’s a time when one could easily awaken and wonder if it is day or it is night. This is the time of the solstice.

Many ancient celebrations marked the solstice with various meanings, one of which was the victory of light over darkness. It is literally the time after which day gets longer and night shorter.

But the solstice is not exactly the reason for this blog, just a happy coincidence, or possibly a metaphor about light. I came to be writing on this subject because of an Elton John song, “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.” It would not leave my mind since the writing of my recent article in The Embrace.

Many of you may have seen it. It is a response to what is said about A Course of Love in Gary Renard’s new book. The article is called “Is the World an Illusion?” Today’s blog has to do with how I felt after writing it and receiving the responses to it that I did. It is also about the season in which it has come to be. A season that guided wise men to find a Messiah in a child born in Nazareth. A season that began in history, in documented human events. A season of miracles.

Some of you may also know that Jon Mundy has opened his Miracles
Magazine to A Course of LoveAs he writes, “We’re going to begin working together with the January/February 2018 edition of Miracles. Sixteen pages will be turned over to reflection from the teaching of A Course of Love. Let the dialogue begin. It’s the way we can all grow while holding onto our inner peace, traveling ever forward to the Ocean and the Universal Oneness we all share.”

It is, indeed a season of miracles here and now for A Course of Love, for me, for us.


Even though Elton John’s song seemed to arrive in relation to that article, it wasn’t until today that his words called me to write. For some reason, these words, “Turn around and say good morning to the night” were the ones most frequently revolving, running over and over within me, as if from an old record album with a skip.

To me, it’s a song about redemption, a song that begins by saying that “Until you’ve seen this trash can dream come true/You stand at the edge while people run you through.” The next refrain is: “And I thank the Lord there’s people out there like you.”

I didn’t go so far as to look to see if there was a story from whence the song came, but I debated whether to name this blog as I did or to let his words speak for my own thankfulness for “people out there like you.” I chose the former because it spoke to me so of change, and the particular change that began with the birth of Jesus, a change that continues today in you and me.

The birth of Jesus is associated with the coming of light, which in turn is associated with knowledge. The presence of Jesus on Earth, brought new knowing into the world.

I cannot say enough that this change is “the light of knowing.” It is not knowing “about” something but the knowing itself, the experience, the felt presence of knowing as of another being altogether, an alive knowing, a “touching into the consciousness from which we came and in which we dwell” knowing. It is contact. It is interaction. It is relationship. It is to be an experience and an expression and a voice of the One, from all of us who can accept the knowing of Oneness as a field in which we abide. This is the actual state of affairs around which the current called “life,” with all of its distinction, flows.

In The Dialogues, we hear:

Fullness comes only from love, which is the source and substance of who we are being. I Am being you. You are being me. In this equation is fullness of being, which is love. Day 38.14

“Who we are being” seems to ask you and me to speak as clearly as we can about essential things. And so this response to Gary Renard’s claims (mine, and that of others as well) stayed with me. I believe it stayed because we may well be speaking of the greatest matter before us in our time.

Will we choose a way of oneness and relationship? Of heaven and earth? Of form and spirit? Will we dare to live meaningful, true lives? Are we willing to see ourselves—as neither greater nor lesser, as neither bound to external authority nor to who we have been as a consequence of teaching and learning—to see ourselves as the self given when we came, tabula rasa, heart and soul? Will we live by that from which we sprang and within which rests the ground of our being? Will we manifest that which we are, as we are, with all our “seeming imperfections?” (Day9.24)

This call to bring to life is the great feminine principle—not denying life, but asserting life and nurturing it into being—with care of the One, and the Many in the One.

You can only express the beauty and truth of who you are now, in the present. And you do. You just have not realized that you do. You have not desired to do so but desired to do something else! Desired to wait, desired to learn, desired to imitate. What might happen if you change what you desire? You might just realize your freedom. (Day9.25-26)

If we desire to have the freedom to be who we truly are, and to live from that freedom, you and I will create a new world. Alleluia! We need only stay steady and true to the light that shines from within.

With these words, I wish you all the blessings of truth in this season of light and, like Elton John, I thank the Lord there’s people out there like you.

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