Why Crucifixion?

By Jesus through MaryBeth Scalice

I have had the feeling of being with Jess as he made the journey to the cross, as His Body was given up.  I have also had the feeling of what it was like to be in His mind, sharing His perception of the events that lead to resurrection.  This message came as I wept with sorrow and compassion and questioned the choice He made for crucifixion.


Jess [Jesus]:

A Special Message
for Easter,
from Jesus


Would you have noticed my life had it only been miracles, the healing of others, the preaching toward unity, the lobby for love? My miracles would soon have faded from memory, like so many of your own God-given thoughts, those remarkable yet unremembered demonstrations of real love, lost in the perceptual haze of worldly mesmerization.

In fact, many whom I touched, who felt the Breath of the heart, returned to the breath of man, the breath that labors through the nostrils, severed from the oxygen of Spirit, the breath that goes in and out without a true home.

If not for crucifixion, the apostles would have returned to their lives trying to make bigger, better demonstrations of healing and holiness without recognizing the insignificance of the body, overlooking the Christ as eternally regenerative Life. Regenerative is not reparation of Life Force. God being perfect never needs repair. Regeneration is the effect of the end of a desire for separation. Death of body identity as experienced through forgiveness allows the eternally regenerative Consciousness of Christ and the resurrection of Mind/Son as God created.

What you cannot comprehend is that I gave up my body, yes for you and for all humanity; not for the atoning of sin, but to bring attention to what is true, that guilt and assault cannot harm the Son of God, guilt and attack have no lawful power. They are unknown to Innocence. The investment in punishment for sin is literally an investment in nothing. Sin is impossible to correct through punishment because it is not real. It is not of God and therefore not of God’s Son.

You are, as I am, God’s own sinless, innocent Self, but hypnotized by the belief in duality, in two powers, two Gods, two beings within you. Punishment can and does destroy your body, but cannot touch the One Power, the Almighty God, Who is not power as you wish it to be, but Love without opposition, without obstacle or enemy. This is Purity, and also What you are in truth.

Your body has nothing to do with it, neither can it truly adorn Our holy nature, because it is given to change, to temporality. The perfect Thoughts of Grandpoppi [God] never change because they are What God is without end.

I gave up my body because the body is not what I Am, but an opportunity, a gift that could best be shared by giving it up. Its most profound capacity for extending Truth was to experience persecution of the Son of Love, and die a violent death, providing for my realization of eternal Life, that eternality could be seen and known. I ascended beyond the body’s limits to a forgiveness that was universal, truly forgiving for all the separated souls who thought attack

upon love, was their best defense for survival; a society like your own that had so embedded fear of God into the very cells of the body, that only a profound and completely opposite teaching could make a lasting impression, turning mind back to the Consciousness of the Christ.

Dear Lily [MaryBeth], I did not wish any harm upon myself or my body. I did not neglect or deny my body.  But I realized only I was not the flesh. I made the flesh.

You already know, as I have shared these memories in your own mind, my agony in the garden, my apprehension and hope for another cup, another way. I had to develop a depth of trust yet unknown by you and a Will of unwavering fortitude. I had to surrender every egotistical plea inside me to live on here in physical and sensual soma.

I considered the temptation to stay longer, to be among my people as a man in the midst of family and friends. I suffered with thoughts of leaving those I loved, and with the thought of abandoning my disciples. I felt I could continue being helpful on earth, and yet, my heart, in quiet, heard the Call of Our Father to come Home, to complete my function on earth, dying to self, and dying for all selves that I saw as fragments dissociated from my own Being.

I longed to join with them in the way I remembered our unity in Creation. And my heart was pierced by the inhuman suffering of life absent of Grandpoppi [God]. Though many emissaries had come before, none had sufficiently developed the Communion of the Soul with the Creator’s Revelation of Sonship on earth.

My Becoming depended on drawing all souls upward with me into the Consciousness of the Christ, Being One for all, as all for One lived and breathed through my Mind. Drawing souls upward did in turn extend a Ray of Light in which anyone could follow and in which there are the many graces of the Light of the World.

My end of life experience was a purposeful and illustrious symbol of the pattern of life, the repetitive course of life for humanity then and now. Perhaps now you are coming to understand the symbolism; darkness, injustice, betrayal, false accusation, mockery of God, guilt, unrighteous authority, immoral certitude, mesmerized mobs, the cross carried, body broken, shamed, abandoned, on display; the murderous wishes of men as solution to the problem of God. This progression of ego projection still lives through wrongful identity on earth and continues to incite humanity to attack, to be fearful, and to punish as a means of safety and self-assurance.

It is a belief in guilt. It is the belief that the innocence of the child of God needs defense. It is the lie that insists your Father rules through cruelty unto death.

You and a few others are beginning to recognize you need not choose the walk of the cross, merely let my demonstration be sufficient to end all suffering and to reveal the uselessness of banal tactics. They do not work. Your cross will not end life, atone for sin, nor bring safety, peace or joy—which is what you want. It will make the opportunity of your Life on earth fraught with suffering. Suffering can be a path to Christ Consciousness, but it is neither quick, nor advised.

Here is the unbelievable Belief.  We have used these words before. Hear Me now and give your whole heart to this Reality.

I Live.

I in the midst of You am Life, and the life of the Christ is Yours as well.

What this means is that you died with me on Calvary. The self that seemed to have turned against the Father, died with me. There is only One separated Mind in a multiplicity of forms.

There is only One Son.

We share the wholeness as we shared the separation. But now I have come to you as you will to look beyond the belief in separation, beyond your crucifixion and Know Truth.

I ask you to shut your eyes and See Me, hear Me and share Me. We have been journeying a long, long time. You have come closer and closer to the realization of the unbelievable Belief.

I am Here.

Here is Heaven.

You are with Me as I Am with You.

You are Real as I Am Real.

Jesus, your Jesse, is raised.

I did remember and identify with the Holy Spirit, Who led Me to perfect Oneness with Our Father. (At-One-ment.) I will never unremember but continue to seed the memory of those Who seek Truth.

I have said a great many words here to help you understand my death as your death and my Life as your Life but your humanity, the self-ideational mind/body which views itself in time is your own personal teaching opportunity.

Love this lesson by caring for mind/body as temples of the Self, neither idolizing, or ostracizing, making of it no Power, projecting upon it no guilt; but honor this as means of communication and realization of Christ.  Let your body glorify the Truth of the God-given Life, and live with the wisdom of your perfectly intact innocence. Live your Innocence.

Yes, You Lily [MaryBeth], have chosen an interesting, exciting return to Love, to Consciousness, framing for yourself a journey of wonder and woe, of prison and peace, of splendid and sordid feelings; a journey of frightening and favorite experiences, but never so exciting, enthralling, captivating as the experience of Oneness, once more.

As we have said before, the Fisherman walks the beach, picks up the creature who jumps from the Sea, who wanted to be more than it could be, whose last gasp was a cry for God. With tender compassion for that prayer, He returns the fish to the Home from which It leapt. The fish dives deep awakened from the sleep of something more, of something better; swimming in gratitude, joined with Sea in fresh and blessed awareness.

MaryBeth Scalice, M.A., Ed.D., views her life as a living-breathing poem of God. Many years ago, her heart opened, her listening deepened, the breath fell away, and divine union was realized. MaryBeth is a counselor, writer, and teacher trained in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her work integrates psychology with spirituality, offering transformational heart-centered therapies for health and self-realization. She created the Foundation of Open Hearts, and in 2019 published Write, Beloved, Write, from which this article is reprinted with permission.