DAY 2 – Sunday, December 2


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Experiential: Entering the Embrace of the Spacious Self
with John Mark & Cindy Stroud
10:30 am (10:30) CST / 4:30 pm (16:30) London (90 min) 

Dialogue & Sharing: Learning in the Time of Christ
with Mari Perron & James Kelly
1:00 pm (13:00) CST / 7:00 (19:00) pm London (90 min)

Sunday at the Movies
Julianna Kurokawa & James Kelly
4:00 pm (16:00) CST / 10:00 pm (22:00) London (120 min)




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NOTE: James Kelly is the conference host and is in dialogue in most of the recorded sessions.

11. A Course of Love Becomes Known

Mari Perron / Glenn Hovemann / Kathy Scott Perry

  •      Mari makes people cry at the first conference
  •      Glenn hears a call and takes action!
  •      Kathy and her work with scribes

12. A Celebration of Two Courses

Mari Perron / Jon Mundy / Lee Flynn

  •      The congruences between ACIM and ACOL
  •      How two Courses can take you further
  •      Mystical experiences are simple
  •      All choices are within the laws of love

13. Go Quantum!

Jon Mundy / Mark Greenfield / Christina Strutt

  •      Insights from Quantum Physics
  •      Falling in love
  •      We only see 4% of what is out there
  •      Proof you are not a body

14, How to Receive Miracles

Yasuko Kasaki

  •      Living with no fear
  •      Using your senses completely
  •      Can you find yourself without sharing yourself?

15. Two Courses to Awaken the Heart

Rev. Reja Joy Green / Tom Whitmore / Mari Perron / Lee Flynn

  •        The significance of the Original Edition
  •        Amazing stories surrounding the copyright trial
  •        Experiences of the heart beyond learning

16. Translating Not Just Words

Mari Perron / Lars Gimstedt / Coralie Pearson / Glenn Hovemann / Eva-Maria Grossheide / Astrid Zimmerman / Marleen Jonker / Paulina Fredrickson / Juliana Kurokawa / Suzanne van Vliet / James Kelly

  •      Synchronicity and guidance
  •      Physical support
  •      We are all receivers

17. The Connection Between Prayer and Divine Memory

Sebastian Blaksley / Coralie Pearson / Eric Huysmans

  •      Moving into the stage of expression and relationship
  •      Memory replaces perception
  •      The choice for Union

18. Two Courses – Differences and Similarities

Celia Hales / James Kelly

  •      Ten points of comparison and contrast between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love

19.  Embody A Course of Love Ideas; Enable Greater Team Creativity

Joe Kittel

  •       Lessons learned from the embodiment of ACOL ideas enabled the accomplishment of the seemingly impossible in multi-million-dollar international corporate relationships.
  •      “When you fully accept that the voice of the one can be heard in the voice of the many you will have entered the dialogue.” (D:Day 15.1)
  •      “…Giving and receiving are one in truth” because “all are one…” (D:3.11)
  •      “The universe exists in reciprocal or holy relationship …” (C:29.17)
  •      Listening is an act of love. When we love relationship itself, when we listen to it, it cannot help but reciprocate.

20. Leadership for Creating the New

Jackie Lesser

  •      ACOL brings new ideas of leadership, beginning with creating in relationship
  •      Love is the way, the way of being an example life
  •      Leadership is not a role, title or position; it’s a call of your own soul to use your voice to take the hero’s journey to put the mind in service of the heart

21. Your True Self at Work

Akilah Zuberi / Joe Kittel

  •        The end of the old way of working
  •        It’s all about relationship
  •        A new kind of leadership

22.  Living Love More Deeply

Rev. Tony Ponticello

  •        How A Course of Love builds on your learning and experience with A Course in Miracles to make life a beautiful creation.

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